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Police – Excessive use of deadly force

plcfrcI’ve written before about the police using excessive or deadly force but it didn’t seem to do any good because it just keeps happening.

I’m not the kind of person to say that the cops are bad but they are obviously overstepping their bounds.  Their job is to “Protect and Serve.”  These things can be done without even possessing a gun.

In the recent example of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the police took down a guy with a knife using six bullets.  A little too much?  Yes.  Even a single bullet is too much.   When you bring a gun to a knife fight, it is likely that the gun will win.  If you have to shoot, shoot him in the leg.  Not the head and heart. That’s for War.

It all falls back to the elephant in the room that nobody talks about.  Police are putting their lives way ahead of those whom they serve.  The police are so afraid of the thugs that they feel a hail of bullets is the best choice.  Police are supposed to put their lives on the line to protect even those they are arresting.  Going in with body armor and heavy weaponry may save their own lives but that’s not the goal here and sets up a bad image.

In most cases, the bad guys do not want to kill the police.  They shouldn’t have such a fear.  Yes it will happen sometimes but that’s part of the job.

We need to return to the mentality of Protect and Serve and don’t fear the reaper.  Be nice and don’t act like a pompous ass.



I am now a published author!

coverHooray!  I finished my Lonely Man Dinners cooking and advice eBook. 

It is written for single guys just starting out either going off to college or moving to their first house or apartment.  Cooking doesn’t always come naturally and can be scary.  This book is written for lonely guys by a lonely guy so you know it has what you need to get started in the area of feeding yourself.

It took me a long time to compile my favorite easy recipes and kitchen advice but it was a fun project.  I can only hope that somebody buys it now.  There are a lot of “cooking for one” books out there and I didn’t read any of them because I wanted to be sure I was writing freshly. 

Having quit my job I had more time to write so now it’s done.  Thanks to Amazon.com for making it so easy to publish your own eBook.  I hope sales are at least a little successful because I want to entice a few people I know who also want to write books to go ahead and do it.  In today’s world of self-publishing, there’s no reason you should not publish if you have a good story to tell. 

I wonder if I could write a book on another subject?  Possibly my fight with depression.  There are lots of those out there already but there’s always room for more and everybody’s is different.

Wish me luck and buy my book



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Damsel in distress

Last night I was driving home from my mom’s house when I came up to the intersection at the highway.  A small car had just stopped and turned on its hazard lights.  I pulled up next to it prepared to ignore the problem.  It was a young girl.  I succumbed to my good side and rolled down my passenger side window and asked her if she needed help.  She said yes.

We were fist at the intersection so I turned right from the left lane and pulled into a corner u-haul parking lot.  I walked over behind the car and told her to put it into neutral.  After she did that, I barely touched the car and it started rolling.  I expected to have a hard time pushing it like I did with my old BMW once many years ago.  It moved with little effort and we pushed it around the corner into the same parking lot.  I must be really strong.

I asked her if she had someone to call and she said yes and was already dialing.   I said OK and went back to my car and came home.



1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial RV interior tour

I took some interior shots of my 1982 Holiday Rambler Imperial RV.  I have done a lot of work on it over the last year or so but don’t really take any pictures.  It’s hard to take pictures inside without good lighting but I figured I would give it a try.

Some of the major interior work I’ve done includes a new vinyl tile floor, Machine washed the upholstery, upgraded the lighting to LED, replaced the toilet and other stuff I can’t remember.  Overall it turned out quite well.  Nothing else HAS to be done.  It’s ready for fun.  Anyone want to go camping?  

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An interesting idea

tnyhsI’ve just had an interesting idea.  I’ve had it before but it was lost in the depths of my stupid messy brain.

I could rent out my house in San Antonio and move to a small town nearby for a few years.  Hmmm.  This is very interesting.

I could rent my house for approximately $1000 a month.  Subtracting property taxes and repairs I could have an income around $700 a month.  That would give me about $8400 a year.  I live on $15,000 a year so that cuts my expenses in half.  It would probably cost me a little less to live in the country.

I can live in my RV for a while or go traveling in it.

I could buy an acre of land for around $16,000 and build a small house for around $25,000.

That would get me out of the city.  I could work for myself or get a job to make up the rest.  It would make my savings last even longer.  I could always sell the San Antonio house in the unlikely event that I need big cash.  When I reach retirement age or my mom passes away I can sell or rent both houses and make my big move to Colorado.  I would have all that cash, my retirement portfolio plus social security to wane out the rest of my years.

There is a lot of research I need to do on this possibility.  It may be crazy but I am excited about even having the chance that I could do this.  The hardest part would be deciding whether it is what I want or not.

Another thing to add to my possibility list.

I think I’d still prefer the ebola.  It would be much easier.



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