Long Distance Job interview



I just got back from a job interview at a small concrete construction company in a small town outside of the city.  They contacted me after finding my resume on Indeed.com.  The office is small but they have a lot of technology.  There are many different duties that I would be responsible for and that would be nice to keep my days busy.

There are a few cons that I was unable to get around though.

1. The drive. It would be a 48 mile drive each way EVERY DAY.  That’s almost 100 miles a day and two hours of life lost just driving.  I just can’t see myself doing that for the next 10 years.

2. I would be the only tech guy.  Loneliness would kill me.

3. Nowhere to eat lunch.  Lunch is the best part of the day.  There are only two restaurants in town.

There were plenty of pros but the cons were extremely heavy.  I had to turn them down which hurt me to disappoint them.   We didn’t even talk money.  I don’t see how any fair amount of money would be worth it in this situation.  Time is more valuable than money and loneliness is death.

I’m sure it was a good decision.  I just hope this wasn’t the job God sent me in response to my wishes.

Habitat for Humanity, Finally!


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h4hI finally managed to get myself to go for my first volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.  I had free time on a Tuesday so I fought the early morning traffic to get to the Habitat warehouse.

On Tues-Thursday they build wall frames inside the warehouse for easy construction on Friday-Saturday.

I was joined by three other people.  Two were wounded veterans along with their physical therapist.  We were able to construct four walls before lunch time.  I had a great time and learned a few things about framing.  By 11:00 it was time for lunch and the others had to leave.  I could have stayed for the rest of the day but was already sore.  Bending over and kneeling can take a lot out of you if you’re out of shape.  Still.  It was awesome!  There’s nothing better than working on something with other people. I get so tired of being alone all the time.  It can really wear you down.

I would like to go again on a Friday or Saturday to help put up some walls to see how to do the next step.  Maybe this weekend if the weather is permitting.  It will take a day or two for the soreness to wear off anyway.

Dear Santa


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sntaltr3Dear Santa,

I have been a pretty good boy this year.  Better than many years past.  I don’t want or need a lot although the few things I do need might be out of your league.  However, if you can swing it or maybe put in a good word for me, it would be really wonderful if I could land a really enjoyable job in the next few months.  Something that can make getting up in the morning a happy occasion.

It would be super awesome if I could get a close friend too.

That’s all I need.  If I might ask for a few things for others:

* I would like my sister to stop smoking so she might become healthier.
* World Peace would be great.
* A better job for Martin so he can have a better life.  He deserves it.
* A better job or a nice raise for Lea Ann.  She totally deserves it too.

Thanks for your time and have a great Christmas!

P.S.  My mom just called and said my Aunt is in the hospital for an emergency operation.  Please send a little help her way!  Thanks!

Life Rule #4 – Be Generous



gnrstyIt may not be obvious.  It was not to me. Generosity is more than just sharing with others.

I had already been chewing on the concept but today I experienced an example.  I went out this evening to meet a couple of old co-workers from a job long past from another lifetime.  We’re talking 19 years ago.  We met at a bar/restaurant for a few beers.  I’m not an experienced alcoholic but I am trying.  I had a Guinness for the first time.  Not awesome but I drank it anyway.

These two guys have been meeting on Fridays for a beer for a long time.  It was good to see them.  Both had hardly changed in all those years.

One of them, in the first act of generosity, offered to pay for the drinks and a little food.  Of course we counter-offered to pay as well but he insisted.  The bill came for $42.00.  He paid with $60.00 cash leaving the extra $18 for the tip.  That’s over 40% tip.  He thought nothing of it.   This guy isn’t rich.  In fact, like me, he is not working.  His wife is but he is not. Now there’s a great example of generosity that I can only aspire to.

Being generous is more than just giving to others.  It also makes you feel good.  This is a concept that I had not even considered until just recently.  I plan to become more generous with my time and my money.  It’s really hard right now while I am not working but once I get back into the workforce, I plan to make up for my miserly ways.

Being generous to others as well as yourself is also good for your self confidence.  See rule $2.

Life rule #1 – Live
Life rule #2 – Self Confidence
Life rule #3 – Love Yourself
Life rule #4 – Be Generous

Memory – My middle name is Earl


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Back in another lifetime, I worked at an Air Force Base in San Antonio.  I was a civilian contractor along with two other guys in my office doing base computer support.   Randy was suddenly obsessed with finding out my middle name.  All I would give was the initial, “E”.   He kept trying every once in a while.  Finally, one day we were filing out some official forms and he came and looked over my shoulder at my copy.  Under middle name, I wrote, “E”.

That pissed him off.  He went back to his desk and picked up the phone and called my mom.  We were good friends at the time and I was still living with my mom so he knew the number.   She answered the phone and he asked her what my middle name was while I yelled, “Don’t tell him!”.   She did anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with the name, Earl, I guess.  Still, I was never very proud of it.  I never even liked my first name and the second name was worse.

Even to this day I occasionally remember my middle name.  It sounds just as foreign now as it did then.  I’m always like, “Oh yeah.  I forgot.”


Dreamblog – I won the Lottery!


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lttryI won the lottery!   Woohoo!

Well.  I did in my dream.  An omen perhaps?  It felt right.  …as if things were as they are supposed to be.

I have been buying lottery tickets for the last seven months and I really expected to have won by now.  I usually use the numbers off my fortune cookies with slightly better results than random picking or quick picks.  Lately even those results have been poor.

If only my dream included some numbers.  It totally didn’t though.

What would I do with lottery winnings?  I wouldn’t even need a lot.  Say two million?  The main thing would be to just not have to ever worry about working or income again.  I would buy a few things and invest the rest.

If you asked me just seven months ago what I would do with a few million and my answer would have been different.  I knew exactly what I wanted but my life has changed recently.  I guess I would do some traveling for a few years then look for a nice place to move to.

The more I think about thinking about what I would do, the less I want to think about it.  Part of my new lifestyle is not thinking about the future too much.  The future is not plannable and it is pointless to worry about it.

I guess if I won the lottery then I would just enjoy life day by day in a carefree manner.  How much better does it get than that?

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House or Home?


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hsehmI happen to be a fan of the English language and it pains me to see words used improperly.  Yes. I am also a fan of making up words but I am always sure to use the properly.

Besides the blatant misuses of the word “Troop” in the media.  (Don’t get me started on that.)  I am seriously annoyed by the use of the word “Home” when referring to a house.

I watch the HGTV and DIY channel a lot where I enjoy seeing remodeling being done.  I cringe when I hear people referring to a house they do not live in as a “Home”.

Home is where you live and a House is what you live in.  This whole thing started maybe 10-20 years ago when the real estate companies decided that they were no longer selling houses.  They were selling homes.  The word “Home” connotes a feeling of ownership and is more psychologically appealing to a person looking to buy a house.  Perhaps it might be OK to say I’m looking to buy a new home.  But if you are selling, flipping or otherwise not living in it, then it is not your home.  It is not A home unless it is occupied as your primary residence.

A cardboard box is a home if somebody is living in it.

wtchnguAfter a period of time, the incorrect usage of the word “home” has become part of our vernacular as a ploy by Big Real Estate to make you buy and further increase the housing bubble.

You may not even notice but you are being psychologically engineered from every angle and most people are completely oblivious.

Dreamblog – Music School


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I had been given a board seat on some kind of non-profit music school.  I went to visit the building.  As I walked in, someone at the front desk called me by name.  I walked over and he gave me a pass for a free-for-life parking spot in the garage.   Sweet!   Even though I was a member of the board I still did not have a job or any income.  I figured there should be some way I could get myself a paying job in the school since I was a high-level executive.

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Dreamblog – English Class


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I was in college with two other people.  It was time for class but I didn’t know where I was supposed to go.  I asked the two of them if they were in my next class with me so I could follow them.  We went upstairs to an English class.

We were the first students to arrive.  When class started, the teacher droned on but I couldn’t understand the words coming out of her mouth.  I realized I had never opened my textbook this year.  Didn’t even have it with me.

She started handing out test scores.  I went up when my name was called and was handed a stack of 3×5 cards.  I had to sign my name on a sheet when I picked them up.  They were my old tests with scores.   I looked through them.  Most were failing grades.  I was still impressed that I had gotten some 60s and 70s even though I had never studied and didn’t even remember taking those tests.

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Dreamblog – Porsche Wolves


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prsch911I test driving my Porsche after having the motor and transmission replaced.  It ran very nicely and shifted smoothly.  I was driving too fast along a back road.   The road turned up a hill at almost a 45 degree angle.  I shifted down and stepped on the gas.  It accelerated up the slope.

At the top of the slope I turned onto a small street but was lost.  Right as I turned I saw a wolf.  He started to chase me but the car didn’t want to accelerate.   Even though I wasn’t going very fast, the wolf gave up.

The streets got smaller and smaller until I was inside an outdoor restroom.  It was dark and I couldn’t see into the shadows.  I continued to drive until I was outside again.  There were a few other people around.  There was a rustling sound in the bushes.  More wolves.  My Porsche had become a weed-eater.  I tried to pull the string and start the engine to scare the wolves away but it wouldn’t start.   The wolves jumped out of the bushes and killed us all.

Two police detectives came out of the building and sat on a bench near my body.  They commented on the carnage.

 Read all my dreams.


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