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Happy Earth Day 2014

ed2014Happy Earth Day.  Are you all being good little eco-children?

Every day is Earth Day for me.  Being Eco-friendly is not just about saving the environment.  It can also save you money.  To me, saving money is even better because in about 40 years, I won’t care about the environment any longer.

Over the years I’ve saved a lot of money by doing various things that one should be doing anyway.

I drive my 54 MPG Hybrid every day and as little as possible.    All the lights in my house are either LED or Compact Fluorescent.    I have six 250 Watt solar panels on my house generating around 8 Kilowatt-hours per day.   I use water sparingly and capture rainwater in buckets for the plants.  My house is well insulated so I need less cooling and heating.  I use very little heating in the winter.  Cold is good.  My new LED backlit LCD TV uses very little power.  My windows have film to limit heat infiltration.

I can go on and on.

So… What are you doing to make the world better?


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How old is the Universe?

unvrsIt is truly the oldest question in the Universe.  How old is the Universe?

There are all kinds of theories.  The Big Bang Theory, the steady-state theory, the God theory, the back of the turtle theory.  All are valid or invalid depending on your intelligence level.

As a physicist I have spent a lot of time contemplating it all and have come up with the final explanation.  It is really quite simple.  So simple you would have never thought of it and by definition it would be impossible for anyone except me to be able to comprehend the real facts.

The simple truth is that the universe began  at about 5:30 am on May 13th 46 years ago in what you would consider to be 1968.  Our universe is a part of the Multiverse where billions of other universe bubbles float around and bang into each other.  Our particular universe sprang into being when two of those other bubbles bounced off each other.

Not really a bang.  More of just a sudden reality.  The random formation of elements came together basically as you see it now.  Nothing existed prior to 1968.  You may think that time existed before then but it is merely an example of pre-configured history.  To you and everyone else, those memories and written history seem perfectly real as if they actually happened but they in reality they just suddenly appeared when the universe began in 1968.

Not only can I tell you when the universe began, I can also predict the approximate time of its end.  We are currently past the peak of the curve.  The universe has already started decaying.  The rise of entropy level is obvious.  Just look around you.  Our existence has, at most, 40 more years left.  At that point everything you know will quickly evaporate and return to the nothingness from which it sprang.

Fortunately there are plenty of other universes appearing and disappearing all the time.  When ours is gone the emptiness it leaves will soon be filled with a new one.

Easy peasy. Case closed.


No longer needing friends

I am so proud of myself.  It has been a very long time since I have desired any type of friendship.  I have completely stopped contacting my current friends and I feel good about it.

The way I see it, if they are not going to satisfy my needs then I see no value in allowing them to waste my time.   It is just bad business practice.

There is far too much to be done while alone.


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Ugliest City – San Antonio

I would like to nominate San Antonio for the ugliest city in the United States.  I don’t mean the city itself.  It’s fairly decent as far as infinitely sprawling overpopulated metropolises go.  It’s the people.

The people of San Antonio have to be the ugliest around.  The population here is 90% Mexican and I hate to have to be racist, but there’s no other way.  I just got back from getting some Friday Nachos and as I sat in the restaurant, I looked around at the women of all ages.  All Mexican and all ugly.  I looked at the men.  More ugly.  I guess since they are both ugly they appear beautiful to each other.  To me…not so much.  Even the kids are a sad sight.

I think I’ve covered this before but it deserves revisiting.

A few years ago I visited a small town in Colorado.  I was dumbstruck by the number of beautiful people I saw.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was like I had stepped into another universe.  A universe where I should be living.

Here I am back in San Antonio where there’s nothing to see.  I guess I need to spend more time looking at my phone and not at the world that surrounds me.  It works for everyone else.


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Losing interest in Resurrection

rsrctnI have been watching the show, “Resurrection” on ABC.  It started out pretty good.  A young boy wakes up in China.  It turns out he died, like, 20 years ago.  He is brought home to his family where they are freaked out but dubiously accept him.

A few other people in the town who died came back to life too.  It was getting interesting.  How was this happening?

Suddenly it became a robbery and murder mystery.  It is like a dream that abruptly changes completely from one thing to another.  I don’t care about that.  I have little interest in murder mysteries.  Murder is good.  That’s how you thin out the population.

Boring.  Time to delete the season recording.  I’m done.



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