Dreamblog – Baseball Dreams


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bbdmsI am not a sports guy.  I don’t even like baseball.  That last time I eve came close to playing baseball was when we played softball in elementary school during P.E.

Over the last two nights I’ve been dreaming that I am playing baseball.  To make it even weirder, it was kind of a Trivial Pursuit version of the game where you have to answer questions before you can run to the next base.  Perhaps not a bad idea!

I don’t recall enough about the dreams to actually write them down but I do know for sure that they were baseball dreams and I was always batting.

Maybe I should go to the batting cages.

Life Rule #3: Love yourself


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lvyrslfBefore you can love and be loved, you must love yourself.

I spent so many years looking in the mirror and hating myself.  I told myself out loud, “I hate you!”  That’s not helpful.

Recently, I’ve learned that it is important to love yourself.  If you can’t accept yourself the way you are you will never be satisfied.  There’s little you can do to change your physical appearance.  Accept it.  The best thing you can do is to change yourself from the inside and loving yourself will go a long way.

Life rule #1 – Live
Life rule #2 – Self Confidence
Life rule #3 – Love Yourself

Quick moview review – Crazy, Stupid Love



cslI just watched Crazy, Stupid Love. I’m not a big Steve Carell fan but I like him better when he’s not trying to be funny.

Basically, a divorced man meets a swank guy in a bar who teaches him how to dress and to pick up women in bars.  A lot of other boring stuff happens too but that’s the main point that I was concerned with.

Like Cal, I am a guy who wears tennis shoes, has a Supercuts haircut and uses a velcro wallet.  Comfort, affordability and efficiency.  What else is there?

Cal dresses up and picks up a lot of shallow women before eventually getting his wife back.  Who didn’t expect that?

On a personal note, I don’t see myself becoming “that guy”.  I have no need to dress up in a bunch of layers of clothing in 105 degree San Antonio weather.  I only have one suit and it’s from Walmart.   I also can’t imagine being interested in any woman who would have sex on the first date.  Hardly classy.  Not even realistic.  Women don’t want men anymore anyway.

Will I be alone forever?  My sources point to Yes.  But that’s OK.  Maybe one day some girl will like me for who and what I am and we won’t have to go though all the unnecessary crap to pretend we are not ourselves.  Homey don’t play that.


Pizza hut reinventing itself. Is this necessary?


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pzahtOur old favorite pizza place is about to change everything.   Pizza hut has experienced 8 consecutive quarters of low sales.  Personally, I find it hard to understand.

After all, Pizza Hut makes the best pizza.  It seems that today’s kids are caught up in the games that other places have and don’t mind eating the nasty plain pizza that those places serve.  Of course kids are all about the pepperoni only pizza.  They don’t have the palate to appreciate really good pizza anyway.

I’ve tried plenty of pizzas but when I want an especially good pizza, I always go to Pizza Hut.  Ask for extra sauce and jalapenos on the stuffed crust supreme and there’s no need to go anywhere else.   Ever!

Of course I have noticed that business has been slow at Pizza Hut.  Usually my mom and I are the only ones there.  They obviously have to do SOMETHING to get the business back.  Included in their plan are 11 specialty pizza recipes, 10 crust flavors, 6 sauces, 5 toppings and 4 drizzle flavors.

If done correctly The Hut may be able to bring in some new business for a while.  Maybe it will be their chance to introduce themselves to a whole new generation of customers.

I might try a few of their new options but I’m sure I’ll always go back to the original supreme.  It just doesn’t get any better.  They better keep it on the menu!!



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brnyI was just watching Comic Book Men on AMC.  They were investigating the Brony phenomenon which is basically a bunch of middle-aged guys who are into My Little Pony.

I had heard of this before and even attempted to watch the show once.  I didn’t get further than 5 minutes before I gave up and changed the channel.

Hey.  I am not knocking these people.  I was actually hoping that it was something that I would like.   I am no stranger to something like this.  Back when I was in high school, I secretly watched Teddy Ruxpin.   There were a lot of things about that show that I just liked.   I especially liked the Surf Grunges.

I currently have my DVR set to record “Arthur” on PBS.  I’ve seen all the episodes. Not exactly made for middle-aged men but I like it.  It makes me feel like a kid again.

Maybe I’ll give My Little Pony another chance.  That many people enjoying the show must mean it has some charm.


Veterans Day Concert


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bplsI just got back from playing in our community band’s Veteran’s Day Concert.  We have been practicing for it almost all summer long and it was amazing!

I invited all my Facebook Friends and some ex-coworkers.  Who showed up?  NOBODY!
Screw you bitches!!

Yes.  I am mentally damaged but I am letting it go.  (After I type this rant.)

Last year when this happened, I let it destroy me almost to the point of suicide.  This is the one-year anniversary.  This time I am past that.  I don’t know what it takes to get people you know to come appreciate something awesome.  What could possibly be more important?  It was free!


There were at least 320 people there to fill the 320 chairs that I helped set up earlier this morning.  There were many veterans there who we were able to honor.  I looked out into the audience while we played a great arrangement of “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” and had a difficult time not shedding a tear.  There was a 96 year old woman in the front row who was honored by the Mayor before we started.  She and a few others were also ready to tear up.  It’s hard to play the oboe while you cry.

I am proud to be a part of this band.  I don’t need anybody I know to show up.  I do this for myself, my fellow band-members and those strangers who do care enough to attend.  These people are the special ones.  Thank you for coming and allowing me to play for you.


High definition windows



windowToday I took apart my kitchen window in order to repaint the exterior frame which was badly faded from the elements.

I painted the frame using an oil rubbed bronze spray paint, reassembled and cleaned the glass.  It is so clear now that it freaks me out.  It’s like looking at a high-definition picture.  4K!

Every time I see it I have to say, “Wow!”  Maybe I should clean my windows more often.

National Nacho Day


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nchsNovember 6th is National Nacho day.  I mentioned it on Facebook a few weeks ago and a few people bit.

A group of about 8 people, most of which were old high school friends from Band, got together and had nachos.  One guy I hadn’t really seen since elementary school.

We all had a great time.  It was especially special for me because I was out doing things with people.  I feel good.

Next Wednesday is National Pizza day.  We might meet again for pizza.


Is it rude to invite people to things?


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rdeSo I am suddenly wondering about this.  Well maybe not suddenly but it did suddenly occur to me that this may be a thing.

Do you think it is rude, now days, to invite people to events?

Everyone is so busy with their own little lives that it almost feels like a serious intrusion to ask them to attend an event.  Be it, maybe, a concert you have been practicing for months in preparation or maybe just an evening out for some nachos.

I did a Google search to using the phrase, “Is it rude to invite people to things”.  The responses only turned up the questions, “Is it rude to invite yourself…”  or “Is it rude to invite someone to a wedding and expect…”

I am thinking I am onto a whole new situation.  It kind of feels Seinfeld-esque.  Something you never new was a problem until somebody mentions it.

Now, personally, I feel that it is rude for people to invite me to weddings, birthdays and movies but I am special that way.  Mostly because I don’t like those things.  I have plenty of time should I wish to do such things.

But how about for normal people?  I know from experience that when I invite, say, 25 people to an event nobody will show up.  I know it is not because they don’t like me.  It is probably because they just can’t make time in their busy little pointless lives to spend an hour with me.  I’m not taking it personally.  This happens a lot to most people.  You just can’t get anyone to do anything anymore.  It’s like pulling teeth to get a small group together.

So, do you think these people think it is rude for us to try to waste their valuable time?  Are we pissing them off by bothering them?

What is your first mental response when somebody sends you an invitation?
Is it:

1. Alright!  This is going to be awesome?
2. Shit! How do I say, “Fuck no!” without being an ass?

I think society has changed in this area.  I think it may be bad etiquette now.  What are your thoughts and have you noticed the same thing?



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