>Recession Anxiety

>High gas prices mean less food for the masses. Are we going to end up in a Mad Max kind of world? I have a feeling of impending doom and feel helpless to do anything about it. Most people appear to be totally oblivious. Will they be the ones knocking down my door for my supplies? It feels like it is coming really fast now. Should I be this worried or should I be oblivious like everyone else? It is really starting to affect my life. Life in these overpopulated cities can deteriorate very quickly when food and energy become scarce. I’ve avoided getting a gun to keep from killing myself but now I feel it may be necessary for saving myself. This is bad. Start stocking up on supplies while you can.


>Gold price down. It’s my fault.

>It was pretty much a guaranteed thing. The price of gold has been going up sharply since September of 2007. As soon as I buy some it goes down. This happens with stocks too. It is the reason I gave up stock trading.

I wonder if I can extort companies to give me money NOT to buy their stock.