>The Fucking Spurs!

>Living in San Antonio means putting up with the Spurs. All I want is to listen to my favorite radio show while I fall asleep but guess what is on? The Spurs! They play every god damn night. Can’t they do this during the day? God I hope they lose and get out of this stupid playoff thing. Can we get any more low brow?


>Feeling Hopeless Today

>Ever feel utterly hopeless? Now that I’ve banished my sexuality in attempt to end my frustration I get the feeling that there’s nothing here. It’s just me in the middle of a great big empty.
Hellooooo. Echo… Echo…
Sun comes up, sun goes down. Sun comes up, sun goes down.

>"Wear longer shorts!"

>I had to share this because it is the dumbest thing I’ve experienced in a while.
I was walking down the beach today when I heard some kid yell from his car, “Wear longer shorts!”
Now I WAS wearing short shorts which I always wear. Which we ALL wore when we were kids. I don’t see a problem with this since after all this IS the beach. One is supposed to take off all the clothes and enjoy the sun and water. Girls are wearing tiny bikinis and I have to wear pants that go down past my knees? I don’t think so. Beach! Water! Fun! Naked skin!

Screw you kid! “Wear shorter shorts!”

This planet sucks.