>Another Theory

>I have another theory. Imaginary things are just as good as experienced things when remembered.

A few years ago I went on a vacation to Hawaii. Now the memories are so thin that I can’t really be sure that I went. If I sit in a dark room and imagine a trip to the beach where people actually accepted me it might be as good if not better than a real trip if I remember it later.

What is the point of actually doing something physically if you can’t even remember it any better than an imaginary thing. I might be on to something here. I might be able to open my own virtual vacation company like in “Total Recall”.


>Going to Hell?

>If Hell exists surely that’s where I’m going.
(Assuming that I am not there right now.)

I seem to have lost the ability to feel sympathy for others. I almost delight in other people’s pain. My brother is having financial problems right now but I just can’t feel sorry for him. At work our secretary’s husband was killed in a car accident and I was actually happy. I actually felt that if I can’t have a spouse then others shouldn’t either. I sit here hoping that hurricane Gustav gets to category 3 and wipes out New Orleans again just for my entertainment.

I spent the last ten years desperately wishing that someone would feel sorry for me and help me but I got nothing. Was it a lesson learned? I no longer wish that others will feel sorry for me and therefore I don’t feel sorry for others. A funny place this planet is.