>Hear me.
See me.
Touch me.
Heal me.



>Ever notice a bottle of TUMS in the bathroom mirror? The bottle says, “SMUT”

>Fall is coming

>Ahhh. The first cold font (cool front) of the fall. The weight of a thousand tons is lifted from my shoulders. The world feels at peace without the 60 hertz drone of a million air conditioners in the air. I made it through another summer. Sleeping with the windows open as the crisp dry air displaces the oppressive humidity demon who presses down on me for 6 months every year. Now all I have to deal with the the billion neighborhood dogs who bark all night at nothing. Barking until the blood runs out of my ears. No longer having the closed windows and the whoosh of the ceiling fan to cover them I have to sleep with earplugs. At least it is cool.

>Hurricane Ike Hopes

>Hurricane Ike is heading towards Texas. Woo hoo! It was supposed to come through San Antonio but now it looks like it is heading more north. I guess we’re ripped off again.
Nothing fun ever happens in San Antonio. Well it’s still early. Things can change.
Keeping my fingers crossed for some action.