>TV’s Broken

>TV is broken tonight. Nothing but sports and reruns.
I guess I’ll read and use the hot tub tonight. Should be nice a cool this evening. That makes getting naked and hot tubbing feel soo good.


>Another empty Thanksgiving

>For Thanksgiving I picked up my Mom and we went to my Cousin’s house where the remainder of my family met. I was unable to feel as part of the group. The food was good but I was alone in a house full of people. Nothing new here. Every year the holiday seems more and more worthless to me.

>Awwww. Too bad!

>Just saw a news story about a woman with three kids who’s husband is in Iraq. This sob story is about how she and her kids have to spend Thanksgiving without him. All I can say is, “Fuck you lady!!!” I’ve gone through 23 Thanksgivings without my father and who knows how many years without a wife. Bitch! What makes you think you’re so important? Get used to it! How about a story about a lonely guy who will never know the pleasure of having a father or a wife. Bitch!!!

>Too many people?

>Today I stopped at a burger joint on the way home from work. It’s Friday so I should celebrate.
Anyway… As I was eating my burger and looking out the window at the endless rush of vehicles on the highway I thought about the big picture. Just how many people are out there crawling over the planet like ants on anthills. Aren’t there too many? Doesn’t it bother anyone? Why is Blogger highlighting my contractions like I’m spelling them wrong? What would happen if something disastrous happened? Imagine the Mad Max situation or Zombie Hoards with so many people trying to survive and no resources. Shouldn’t something be done? How long can this go on?

It’s bad for me to come out of my box. I need to not think about such things. I guess that’s what everyone else is doing since nobody seems to care.