>Most of the time being cheap pays off but not this time.

For years I’ve been wanting a blu ray disk player but the price has been waaay too high.
I finally decided that I wanted the Sony BDP-S350 and waited for the price to come down.
Wait…Wait….Wait…Wait…. So much waiting and not much price drop. My buy price was $150.00
While searching I found one for $198 and decided since I didn’t get myself a Christmas Present this year I would splurge a little. I ordered it and waited. It arrived today.
I knew it was used when I bought it but was OK with that. Turned out it was an older model. The BDP-S300. I looked at my order receipt and it said BDP-S300. I was so interested in the price that I didn’t notice that I was buying an older model at a relatively high price. The going price is like $165. I paid $30 MORE than it was worth. Maybe it will be OK. If it plays the movies I will settle with it. I’m currently updating the firmware so it will be as current as possible. Hope that works out and I don’t brick it.

Moral of the story. PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing. Especially if you are trying to be careful about it in the first place. It was totaly my mistake and I have no one to blame but myself. All I can say is, “DAMN!”


>It’s right there!

>There it is. Just beyond my grasp. I can’t…quite….reach…it..

I spend my whole day worrying about what other people think of me. The truth is that A: Nobody is watching and B: Nobody cares. If I could just stop worrying about it I feel I could free myself and move to the next level. I know what it is but I don’t know how to get it.

Physicist, Richard Feynman, once said, “What do you care what other people think.” Actually I think it was his wife who said that to him. Anyway. What do I care? Why do I care? Pretty much everything I do I think about how other people will see it. When I make something I feel it is more for the entertainment of others than for myself. Inevitably the only one enjoying it will be me.

I have to stop thinking that way. Let me be free. Let my person go. Recognizing and labeling something makes it tangible, reachable. I just have to figure out how to reach it and destroy it.
I’m close. So close I can taste it. This is my assignment for March. By the end of the month I will not even think about the nonexistent thoughts of others toward me and my doings. Yeah, right but I’m going to consciously try.

>Went to Hippie Hollow anyway

>I woke up this morning and decided to go anyway. It would be a long drive and I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time there but it would be better than sitting at home on a nice hot February day.

The water level was very low. This drought is going to be a killer this summer. I spent about an hour and a half catching some rays and reading my book. The water was way too cold for swimming but a little wading can’t be avoided. I didn’t get a bloody knee but I did bruise my foot. Damn rocks. Oh well, I had a good time anyway. It could only have been better if I wasn’t alone.

After I left the lake I decided to check out the Barton Creek Greenbelt. (Let’s call it the Brownbelt) Yes, it IS winter after all plus the drought meant no water in the river. I didn’t stay there long. I’ll try again after the rains come back. I hear it’s also a popular place to swim naked.

The drive was long but overall it was a fun trip. My butt is a bit sunburned but I don’t mind. It will turn in to a nice tan shortly. Gotta make the best of a lonely life.

>90 Degrees in February

>We are dangerously close to hitting 90 degrees in February. (Global warming?)
I’m going to take the day off work tomorrow. Although I’m angry that it’s not snowing again this year it IS a very nice day and that shouldn’t be wasted.

Although I would love to go to Hippie Hollow, which is a nude “beach” on Lake Travis near Austin, I don’t really want to go alone. I’ve done it before but it’s hardly fun. It’s good to get away but after sitting there for a while by yourself you start to wonder why you bothered. You could do this at home.

I don’t know. Hippie Hollow’s “beach” is less of a beach and more of a rocky shore. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if it was a sandy beach with volleyball nets. Here’s a picture of what it looks like.
It’s OK but you can’t run and frolic unless you want a bloody knee. The water will be too cold to get in so it’s basically a naked stare at the lake. Maybe it’s not worth the trip. I’ll just stay home and paint the trim on the back of the house. Sure would be nice if I had someone who appreciates proper nudity.

>My Father’s Voice

>I was watching the move, “The City of Ember”.
The kids were listening to an audio tape as they went to sleep.
It was an old answering machine tape with their Father’s voice.

A few years ago I asked my Mother if anyone had an old audio tape or maybe a home movie so I could hear what my Father’s voice sounded like. Unfortunately she said there was nothing. There really were no audio cassette tape recorders back then. Not many people had a reel to reel recorder. 8mm video tape was probably available. But she was pretty sure there were no recordings of him. I was 9 when he died. I don’t remember his voice.

If you have a Father, listen to his voice. Realize how much it means to be able to do that.


>But who cares?

>Constant news coverage of the crash of flight 3407 in Buffalo. Am I the only one who feels nothing? I totally don’t care. It might mean something to the families of the victims but as far as I am concerned, its just a load of fiction. I don’t even feel sorry for their losses. Kids having to grow up without a father? Awwww. Here’s the worlds smallest violin playing just for you.