>Help! I’m melting!

>What more can you say but, “Damn!”  Summer is upon us here in this God forsaken city.  We now have 6 months of pure hell to look foward to until mid November.  It doesn’t even have to be sunny to be unbearable outside.  The humidity comes in to stay in April and presses down on you until November.  To do any yardwork you have to do a little bit then run back into the house to evaporate.  It REALLY sucks!  If you are thinking of moving to San Antonio, THINK AGAIN!  It may be the cheapest place to live in the US but it’s NOT worth it. The cost of air conditioning is incredible.  Picture living in Hell.  Yep, That’s it.  This is no Heaven by any means.  Stay north if you value your sanity.  Mark my words.


>Quick book review – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

>I just finished reading Philip K Dick’s, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.
It is the book that some may recognize as the basis for the movie, Blade Runner .
I didn’t care much for the movie. I know a guy who loves it but I don’t know. It is OK.

The move was very loosely based on the book. I liked the futuristic, post apocolyptic setting. Animals are rare and to own an animal is to be a real person. I’m not going to go into too much detail other than to say I recommend reading it. That’s all you need anyway.

>Swine Flu fun

>Swine Flu is in the news today.  There’s even a breakout near San Antonio in Cibolo Texas. That’s only about 30 miles away.  I am actually looking foward to a pandemic making everyone stay home for a while.  I’ll have to go to work of course because I never get extra days off.  Maybe they will give me a break.

People NEED to stay home and take a break.  A little rest is good for the soul.  It’s unfortunate that it takes something large to make it happen.  I just went to the store today and am stocked up for at least a month anyway.  I already have my gas masks too.  (See earlier post.)  
It is funny to see people walking around in surgical masks.  A surgical mask will not protect you from getting a virus.  A virus is much MUCH smaller than the holes in the mask.  You might as well not wear one at all.
It’s fun to see things happen.  Especially when it inconveniences other people.  It entertains me. We all know what will happen…. Nothing.   Nothing fun ever happens.

>Extra people

>Today is a holiday here in San Antonio. The Battle of Flowers Fiesta parade was at 12:00 noon.
Everyone got the day off except for me of course. I DID benefit though. The commute to work was nice and smooth. If we could just get rid of all the extra people the world would be so much better.

>Getting to the root of the matter

>I was thinking back to what was the root cause of my loneliness.
I may have mentioned it before but I don’t remember. The whole point of this blog is to help me remember. I think the cause was my inability to find someone like myself. Someone I WANT to be around. Just about everyone I have ever met has not met my basic needs. If they were close to meeting my needs there was some other major reason we could never hang out. Everyone I meet is either above or below me and I don’t enjoy being around them. Sounds pretty hypercritical but there it is. I would like to be more specific but I don’t feel this is the right place. I’m also not sure I could manage to put those thoughts into words. I’ll work on it. It has to be done.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Where in the world and in what manner does someone like me find someone like me? Do I just give up? I think that is best for now. Let it go. Let it be. Let me be.
If I could quantify this I could probably create a matchmaking website that caters to people like me and make a million dollars. Hmm…

>Ceiling Fans in Restaurants : NO!


There’s nothing I hate more than a ceiling fan in a restaurant. Now I LOVE ceiling fans but not when they are making my food cold. Most restaurants are already sub-zero in the dining rooms so they really don’t need to create a hurricane as well. Please. Turn them off so I don’t have to cover my food with napkins for insulation. Last winter while it was almost freezing outside I went to three Subway Sandwitch Shops looking for one that didn’t have the ceiling fans going. Fortunately the third one was the charm.

>It’s OK to do nothing.

>I’ve always felt that a day is wasted if I don’t accomplish a bunch of stuff. It caused a lot of anxiety and frustration. In reality, It’s OK to do nothing. In fact life slows down if you do nothing. The day is longer. Sometimes it is more valuable to just relax.