>General Craziness

>There’s some kind of psychic unrest today. I noticed as I was driving to work that people are acting very strange in the way they are driving. Someone at work independantly made the same observation. I wonder what is up? Nohting special happened according to the news. I wonder if it is a precursor to something big. I’m going to check the traffic accident reports for the day and see if they are up in comparison to other days.


>Serenity Now!!

And people wonder why I’m angry!

On the way home from work today I see a construction crew putting up yet ANOTHER traffic light on my route. I only have to drive 6 miles to work but I have to stop at 15 traffic lights now. This is NOT necessary! It sucks! Doesn’t anybody care? WTF?

>A new word

>I was watching TV tonight and a little girl was speaking to her grandfather and said the word, “GrandPa”. I suddenly realized that I have never said that word before. My grandfathers from both sides of the family died before I was born. What a wonderful universe this is.

>Soo Hot!

>OMG! It is so HOT here in San Antonio. We’ve had 11 days of 100+ degree weather this month and there are still four more months of summer left. It’s so hot that I have to get out of my swimming pool and hose myself off to cool down. It’s so hot that my Mom’s air conditoner can’t keep up with the heat. It’s so hot that its 93 degrees at 10:30 PM. Seriously! All this is true.

I’m saying it again for your own good. DO NOT MOVE TO SAN ANTONIO. This sucks.
We are about to go into stage 3 of water conservation. All the lawns in town are brown and even the weeds are dying. There’s a 30 percent chance of rain this Tuesday but that means nothing. You don’t actually get any rain here unless the chances are around 80%. It actually evaporates before it hits the ground. You may think I’m making this up but it’s true.

For the love of God, send rain and lots of it! I want to see houses floating down the river. I want to see people stuck in low water crossings. I want to see floods that close down the city.

What I wouldn’t do to at least see some cloudcover. That’s why its so hot. There’s nothing up there to shade us from the neverending onslaught of heat. They are saying that the sun is in a solar minimum cycle meaning it is not as hot. GOOD THING! If it was in a solar maximum cycle we would be burned to a crisp. Tell that to my lawn.

>Official Forgiveness

>I am officially forgiving my old friends for abandoning me. I am letting them go. I actually did this a few months ago but now I am making it official. I no longer have the desire to be with them. I realize they don’t have what I need anyway and I was wasting valuable time and energy dwelling on it.

I am also forgiving my brother. He abondoned me too. I spent a lot of time wishing we could spend time together. At the time when I was at the lowest point in my life, he stabbed me in the heart and twisted the knife. I didn’t speak to him for at least a year. During that time I no longer wished to spend time with him. Now, I’ve forgiven him but still don’t want to spend any time with him. I’m letting him go too.

My days of living in the past are over. I’m going to do my best to live in the present. Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is the future. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the Present.

>Count Your Blessings

>You’ve heard the phrase, “Count your blessings” before. But what does it mean?
Consider all the good things in your life. Realize how much better you may have it than others. It’s easy to forget the good things when you spend all your time thinking about the bad. No matter how stupid and petty the bad things may be they can easily suck your life force. Fight back against the bad by remembering the good. Count them. You may realize that there are more then you thought and the bad things are greatly outnumbered. Now that’s good advice but can I remember it when I need it? Gonna add it to my lists taped to my bathroom mirror.