>A Little Relief

>Today the high temperature was 89 degrees with low humidity. This is the first time I’ve felt comfortable outside since longer than I can remember. After 58 days of over 100 degrees this summer the change is so nice. I hope this is the end of the Merciless Blast Furnace Summer of 2009. The cooler weather is due mostly to a dry front and cloudy skies all day. Please please please don’t go back to 100s.

Well I called it.  It was the hottest summer ever.  See my entry from back in March.


>Quick movie review – Lars and the Real Girl

>Yeah. I watch a lot of movies. They take my mind of things. Somtimes they make it worse though. Lately since there has been nothing but mindless reality shows until the fall season starts I’ve been watching a lot of independant films on the Sundance and IFC channels. This particular movie was on Showtime but was surely an intependant film. “Lars and the Real Girl” was pretty amazing to me since I had this exact same idea. Of course I didn’t follow it this far nor would a real community accept it like they did in the movie. I considered it an alternate timeline for myself because it could have easily happened to me. (and still might.)

Lars and the Real Girl” is about a shy, lonely guy who orders a Love Doll off the internet and becomes delusional that she is real. Her family and friends are freaked out but eventually accept the situation. I had already looked into getting one of these dolls in the past but they cost $5000. Maybe when I win the lottery. Anyway. I really enjoyed this movie. If you’re shy and lonely it will probably strike resonance with your life as well. The main character looks a lot like Jason Lee from My Name is Earl. Must be the moustache.

>Quick Movie Review – Ponyo

>After work today I went to see “Ponyo“. I’m a fan of certain kinds of anime and this movie didn’t disappoint me. Ponyo was made by Hayao Miyazaki, the director of other anime movies like “Spirited Away” and “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind“.

I really enjoyed the style of animation and the original storyline. Sure I was perhaps the only single 40 year old guy there but I have no problem with that. I like what I like. Children’s movies make me feel good. As if life is worth living after all. I wish I had a Ponyo. Someone who might love me.

>Summer of Silence

>Today is the first day of school for Fall. An interesting thing to notice about the summer from hell 2009. There were no children. We have had a total of 55 days of over 100 degree heat so far this year totally destroying the record of 36 from 1998. The overall outdoor ambiance was totally without the sound of children at play. If you were to risk leaving an air conditioned space to experience the blast furnace that is San Antonio you would hear nothing but the birds, the cicadas and the 60 Hz buzz of a million air conditioners. But no basketballs bouncing. No screaming. No bicyclists. No yard work. No discernible activity at all except the zooming by of climate controlled pills on wheels conveying their contents from work to home to the stores to buy stuff they don’t need.

It’s the end of August but we still have two more months until the first cool front brings sweet relief to the 935,933 registered residents of this God-Forsaken city. At least the end is now in sight. We are all praying for a hurricane to smite the sun at least for a few days. Man how I hate this place.

>A day in the ER – A look at the future of health care.

>After forgetting that I left a hammer on top of a ladder, I moved the ladder and the hammer fell down and hit me on the upper lip splitting it nicely. I knew right away it would need real medical attention so I drove to the Emergency Room. I got there about 10:45 am and then waited in uncomfortable chairs amongst the rest of the walking dead zombies waiting for medical help. It was a rather Soviet experience. Finally about 3:00 pm I was called to be seen. I got a bed to wait in and spent the next 3 hours there until I was sewn up about 6:00. I was discharged about 7:00 pm and picked up some prescribed OTC medications on the way home where I went right to bed. Once I was admitted to the inside of the ER the nurses and doctors were nice and enjoyable to work with. It’s unfortunate that the wait to get in is reminiscent of the Socialist Soviet Union.

What did we learn from this experience other than not to leave hammers on ladders? We learned that the health care system is already overwhelmed. If we pass the upcoming health care bill making health care socialized can you imagine how long you will have to wait in the ER? Not only will it be full of people with actual problems, it will be full of people with made up problems extending our wait time possibly to DAYS. Let us NOT socialize medicine. This is the US. You should pay for what you get. Capitalism. Remember? It was what this country is founded on.