>A day in the ER – A look at the future of health care.

>After forgetting that I left a hammer on top of a ladder, I moved the ladder and the hammer fell down and hit me on the upper lip splitting it nicely. I knew right away it would need real medical attention so I drove to the Emergency Room. I got there about 10:45 am and then waited in uncomfortable chairs amongst the rest of the walking dead zombies waiting for medical help. It was a rather Soviet experience. Finally about 3:00 pm I was called to be seen. I got a bed to wait in and spent the next 3 hours there until I was sewn up about 6:00. I was discharged about 7:00 pm and picked up some prescribed OTC medications on the way home where I went right to bed. Once I was admitted to the inside of the ER the nurses and doctors were nice and enjoyable to work with. It’s unfortunate that the wait to get in is reminiscent of the Socialist Soviet Union.

What did we learn from this experience other than not to leave hammers on ladders? We learned that the health care system is already overwhelmed. If we pass the upcoming health care bill making health care socialized can you imagine how long you will have to wait in the ER? Not only will it be full of people with actual problems, it will be full of people with made up problems extending our wait time possibly to DAYS. Let us NOT socialize medicine. This is the US. You should pay for what you get. Capitalism. Remember? It was what this country is founded on.