>Summer of Silence

>Today is the first day of school for Fall. An interesting thing to notice about the summer from hell 2009. There were no children. We have had a total of 55 days of over 100 degree heat so far this year totally destroying the record of 36 from 1998. The overall outdoor ambiance was totally without the sound of children at play. If you were to risk leaving an air conditioned space to experience the blast furnace that is San Antonio you would hear nothing but the birds, the cicadas and the 60 Hz buzz of a million air conditioners. But no basketballs bouncing. No screaming. No bicyclists. No yard work. No discernible activity at all except the zooming by of climate controlled pills on wheels conveying their contents from work to home to the stores to buy stuff they don’t need.

It’s the end of August but we still have two more months until the first cool front brings sweet relief to the 935,933 registered residents of this God-Forsaken city. At least the end is now in sight. We are all praying for a hurricane to smite the sun at least for a few days. Man how I hate this place.