>The Face in the Mirror

>The other day I made a face in the mirror that really freaked me out. It was a face of utter horror that chilled me to the bone. It makes my eyes water right now just thinking about it. I didn’t think such a thing was possible. I hope I never do that again.


>Quick book review – Stranger in a strange land

>I just finished reading “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein. And by finished I mean I’ve read all I can. I really liked the premise of this book: “A child was born on an expedition to Mars, became orphaned and raised by Martians. He is eventually found and brought back to Earth where everything is strange to him.” I felt I could relate to this book because I am basically a stranger on this planet myself. This really is a good book but is loaded with “bla-de-blah”. Too many words. Of course I was reading the unabridged version which is much longer. I should have read the shorter one. Having a short attention span I lost interest as I started skipping sentences, then paragraphs then chapters then the whole book. I would like to read a concise version of this story. Maybe I’ll try again when I find it or they make a movie.

If you are the kind of person who enjoys long books then I highly recommend it. Please let me know how it ends. If you’re A.D.D. you might want to skip it.

>Staying out of the closet

>No. It’s not a reference to that. I have a little corner of my walk-in closet where I can go hide when I’m feeling wrongness. It’s totally dark and nobody can see me. I just wanted to say that it has been quite some time since I’ve felt the need to go hide in the closet. Basically that means I am doing well lately. Happy Happy Joy Joy. Or something.

My bathroom cabinet & sink project is coming along nicely. I finished the cabinet and two drawers. I mounted the brackets to the wall and tomorrow when the construction adhesive is cured I will mount the cabinet and remove the temporary legs. It will look like it is floating. I’m taking pictures as I build it and I’ll post one or a few when it’s done.

>The question of Gayness

>A gay person may say that gayness is the way you are born. A straight person may say that gayness is a choice. Both sides will strongly defend their understanding. Consider this though: What if a straight person just can’t connect with the opposite sex no matter how hard he/she tries. For a guy, constantly being ignored by women leaves him with little choice. Every human needs contact with others. When prostitution is illegal or unavailable what is a guy to do? Now I don’t want to be gay but what are my options here? What other choice is there? I’m still avoiding it and will probably continue but how long can a person be alone?

>Dinner with old aquaintances

>Tonight I met a group of aquaintances from high school for dinner at a restaurant. I hadn’t seen them in over 20 years. One of them invited me through Facebook. I was never really “Friends” with any of these people. I don’t think we ever really even spoke to each other during our time in school but we knew each other by name and all. They were talking to me like we were old buddies. It was interesting. I felt accepted by people that I barely knew having only a similar background being in school and the band together. We were there for 5 hours. I have to say it was weird to see them all looking different than I remembered. I had a good time. I feel strange.

>Nothing heals like a project

>Today I started remodeling my master bathroom sink area. It is something I have been wanting to do for many years since I moved in. The sink and cabinet are usable but not awesome. I started by taking out the cabinet and sink and starting repairs on the wall and painting. The idiots who installed the countertop just made a hole in the wall to make it fit because it was about an inch too long. I squared up the hole and patched it with new wallboard. I added an additional power outlet lower on the wall so I could plug in my small bathroom heater in the winter and not have to use an outlet on top of the sink. I accidentally nicked the copper hot water supply pipe with the metal cutter removing the silver beauty ring so I could take out the cabinet. I cut it off and reattached it with a slip connector and sweatted the joint. No leaks. Damn I’m good. Right now it’s just big, clean, painted, empty area. I’m tired and going to bed. My plan is to build my own countertop and drawers. I’ll start on that next week.

The best part about doing a big project is that it takes your mind off things you shouldn’t be thinking about. Once you stop doing that, happiness takes over. I guess I’ll need perpetual projects…

>Help! I’m melting!

I’m looking at the thermometer as it reads 104.4. This isn’t a radio station. It’s Fahrenheit! God have mercy! San Antonio sucks so much. What does it take to get a little rain around here. What I wouldn’t do to live in the northeast where they had a beautiful cool summer. I better not hear them complain. The only possible chance of getting some rain is a hurricane. The season is about to start and there are a lot of people here praying for a hurricane. Please come. Please come.