>My Options

>I just can’t stand living here in San Antonio anymore.  I don’t know how I’ll be able to get through the next summer.  Here are my options as I see it:

1. Stay here find someone to make my life worth living. I really don’t see this happening.
2. Move somewhere else. This is scary. I don’t want my mom to be all alone either.
3. Suicide. Again, I don’t want to leave my mom all alone but at least I won’t care ’cause I’ll be dead.

Please comment with other options.


>Quick Movie Review – District 9


I was bored at work so I went to see “District 9” at the dollar movies after lunch.  It has been years since I’ve been to a dollar movie theater and I expected a nasty little hole in the wall but I was rather surprised with the Cinemark 16 here in San Antonio.  It was really nice and clean and modern.

“District 9” was at first a little boring and disturbing how the humans treated the stranded aliens.  I sure hope no real aliens ever see this movie.  They’re sure to come wipe us out.  The second half of the movie got better as the main character begins turning into an alien and is pursued by the humans.  He helps the aliens to get what they need to return to the mother ship and get away.  It was certainly worth a dollar to see.  I’m more interested in the next movie “District 10” where they aliens come back with reinforcements to rescue the rest and destroy Earth.  I would really like that.

>Quick Movie Review – One Hour Photo

>I was bored out of my gourd at work today so I watched One Hour Photo. This is a really great movie that is probably underrated because many people will not understand it.  Given it does need some explanation that’s what IMDB is for.  I don’t usually explain the whole premise here but I will here because it’s a very important move.  SPOILER ALERT:   Robin Williams does an awesome job portraying a lonely guy who works in a photo processing center.  He sees all the photos of happy people and wishes he could be one of them.  He becomes obsessed with one particular family and finds out from other photos that the husband is having an affair.  He places one of the other pictures into this family’s envelope.  He is wishing the family to break up so maybe he can be the replacement father. After finding out that the wife doesn’t confront the husband about the picture he freaks out.  Ok.  Maybe I’ll stop here and let you watch it for yourself.

Interestingly, on the cover of the DVD a quote from the Rolling Stone says this move is “Truely, deeply scary”.  Scary?   It is not scary in the least.  It’s sad and depressing because this is a lonely guy trying to cope. Vanity Fair compares it to “Psycho”.  Really now?  Give a lonely guy a chance.

The moral of this story is that lonely people get no sympathy on this planet.  Fuck you all!  You just don’t care do you?  You women walk through the store and don’t even look at guys.  WTF?  What are we supposed to do when you live with your brick wall separating you from us?  How are we supposed to get through?  Screw you bitches!

>Whites Only

>I made a curious observation at my favorite seafood restaurant today.  As I went to pick up the tray when the food was ready I looked around and noticed that all the customers were white.  You may think nothing of this where you live but here in San Antonio where the population is 99% Mexican this is very interesting.  One could only conclude that Mexicans don’t eat fish.  That’s curious because if you go to a lake you would be hard pressed to find white people amongst the beer drinking Mexican fishermen.  Could it be that Mexicans love to go fishing but don’t eat fish?  What do they do with the fish after they catch them?  Throw them back?  Maybe.  It’s probably all about the beer not the fish.  Very interesting!

>A Little More Peace

>As I sit here in bed tonight reading I have the bedroom window open to let in the cool fall air.  In the distance beyond the squeeking rat-dogs I hear the zooming and screeching of a car.  It sounds like a race track but there’s nowhere you can drive that fast legally around here.  Where are the cops when you need them?  

I look 20 years into the future when all cars are electric.  Imagine the beautiful quietness of a city with all electric cars.  mmmmm.  Surely I’ll be dead by then but it’s a nice thought.

>Afraid of Love

>While watching TV today I heard a phrase that struck me upside the head.  “Afraid of love.”  I AM afraid of love.  A quick Google search turned up the main reason for being afraid of love is the fear of being hurt.  I can relate to that.  I’m all about not being hurt.  I don’t see that changing anytime in the future so I’ll just have to be good with it.  I’ll spend more time searching the net and searching my soul on this subject.  A bit of my life makes more sense today.



This evening while I was brushing my teeth with my Sonicare I was humming a tune.  It was a cool surprise when we struck a chord.  I played around humming up and down the scale.  Pretty neat.  It’s like having a friend to sing along with you.  You could do some cool Scottish stuff with the sonicare as your bagpipe drone.