>Meeting with an old friend.

>Today, while on his way home from Corpus to Dallas and old friend stopped by for a visit. We arranged it of course. He was my best friend back in elementary shcool and lived next door. His parents got divorced and they moved away at the end of fifth grade. My life changed so much when that happened. I haven’t seen him in probably 30 years. I found him by calling his father’s phone number which I found in the phone book and he relayed my message. We spoke on the phone last year and I sent him a few childhood pictures via email over the time between.

He arrived with his two children. He is now getting a divorce. As I’ve always said, “Marriage is the first step towards divorce.” It appears I am right. It’s a good reminder of why I am better off alone.

Anyway. It was really good to see him again. We got him a tour of his old house next door to my mom’s. I know he enjoyed that. It had changed quite a bit since he moved out. I can’t think of much else to say other than I enjoyed his visit quite a lot. It’s likely I’ll never see him again but you have to take what you can get.

It was a good day.


>Leather Leather Everywhere


Have you ever thought about leather?  Considering the astronomical number of cows consumed in the US alone each year, shouldn’t the world be covered in leather?   Leather is relatively expensive for some reason.  Now I’m not a big beef eater myself nor do I own many leather products. In fact I find cows to be quite cute.  It’s a shame what we do to them.   But in the interest of efficiency, all cows consumed should at least have the skin put to use.  Where does it go now if not to leather products.  Is there a leather cartel controlling it’s price?  Would it not be a good idea for a company to remove the skin carefully before the rest of the cow is processed?  I’m just saying.  Sorry cows!

>Christmas Spirit

>Well, Thanksgiving is over that makes it officially Christmas.  I’ve been doing my best to ignore Christmas before Thanksgiving because it’s just plain wrong.   Now I’m ready to accept it.

For the last few years Christmas has been painful for me because it brings back memories of happy times that I am not allowed to experience anymore.  This year I’m going to do my best to get into the spirit though it is totally the commercialized version that we celebrate.  That’s good enough for me.  It’s tough to not become overloaded with commercialism and be totally put off by the whole idea.  I’m really going to try this year.

Being Buddhist also makes the Christmas season more difficult but Buddhists recognize other religions and allow them to be.  I’m down with that.  Christmas is hypocritical anyway so why not just embrace it.  I have a artificial tree but it has no soul.  I supposed I’ll go get a real one this year.  The smell is the best.  I’ll get myself new LED lights.  This will be the year of the LED light.  They were around last year but I wan’t in the mood even though they were LEDs. I’m all about energy efficiency.  I’ll decorate the house too.  It’s all about attitude so I’m going to give it my best shot.

I’ll probably go out and buy myself some presents, wrap them and put them under the tree.  Santa doesn’t come for lonely people so I’ll have to make it happen.  That’s what every good consumer should do.  I don’t really want anything but shopping for one’s self usually isn’t too hard.  It’s getting stuff for others that is hard.  I’ll do the stocking on the mantle too.  I miss that so much.  I just hope it doesn’t feel fake.  Attitude!

I have a lot to say about Christmas and though I’ve probably said it before, I’ll end up saying it again because I can’t remember anything.   I’ll keep posting as the month goes by and we’ll see if I can pull it off.

>Sold My Porsche

>I’ve decided to sell my Porsche.  I’ve had it for 16 years and it has been good to me but I won’t need it where I’m going.  I got the same price I paid for it back in 1993.  Pretty good in keeping value I’d say.  It’s going to a guy who is in the business of restoring cars.  It will be happy.   I feel weird but it is best for both of us.  So long good friend.  I took pictures today as it was loaded on the truck for the trip to California.  

>Ignorance Is Bliss

>I just saw a great episode of House tonight.  They were treating this guy who was a brilliant physicist.  He had been taking drugs that essentially lowered his IQ so that he could relate to his dumb blonde wife and be happy.  I can totally relate to his situation.   I’ve spent many hours wishing for a way to get a lobotomy so that I would fit in with all the beer swilling idiots that surround my life.  What if I could just be that dumb.  Ignorance IS truly bliss.

I think though that I prefer my abilities that allow me an overall better life than others.  If I had the choice of being stupid and happy or smart and able I would probably chose the latter.  It would be a hard decision but I’m pretty sure that would be my choice.  There so much I can do if I put my mind to it.  I’m going to remember to refer to this blog entry next time I feel lonely.   It is possible that one day I will meet someone who can hold my interest and will be interested in me.  Maybe not.  I’ll just do what I do with everything else I want.  Just wait and if it is meant to be, it will come to me at the right time and the right price.  And if it doesn’t   then I didn’t really need it anyway.

>Names give you power.

>I’ve given it much thought and have decided upon a name for my evil side who plagues me with thoughts of things I cannot have.  I’ve named him Malus.  In Latin, Malus means Bad, Evil, Ugly.  It’s perfect.
I was going to name him Ivan which is the Russian version of my name.  Though Ivan sounds evil in a way it just didn’t work. Ivan is properly pronounced like, Yvonne which is feminine.  The western pronounciation  “I-Van” sounds cooler but still not right.  Malus is perfect.  Now I can list all the attributes of his so that when he shows he head I can send him away.   Damn you Malus.  I’ll destroy you yet!