>Only 99 murders in San Antonio this year

>According to the evening news, there have been 99 murders in San Antonio in 2009.  I’m willing to bet, considering all the drunk mexicans in this town, that there will be 100 murders.  There are still 6 hours of stupidity left until the new year begins.


>Feeling Sorry for Tiger Woods? Not me.

>My first response is to feel sorry for Tiger Woods’ cheating on his wife situation.  Upon more reflection I really have no sympathy for someone who has a beautiful wife and has an affair with another women.  I don’t have the ability to have even one woman much less two or more.   People lucky enough to have anyone in their life should appreciate it.

>The Box


I’ve lived my whole life inside a lead box unable to see outside the walls. Occasionally the walls become opaque and light shines through them. I can almost get a feeling that enlightenment is so close but I get sucked back and the walls turn black again. The demands of living in a capitalist society tend to lock your life in a box.

There are a few precious years after you are born when the box does not yet exist. As you start going to school the walls form. Then you get a job and a house and the lid slams shut. Now you are stuck in a vicious cycle where you have to work to live and you live to work. The lid doesn’t crack open until you retire just before you die. Doesn’t this bother anyone?

Every once in a while you notice and think about just not going to work. What if I just don’t show up and go play golf or go camping. Of course you could take vacation but you’re still in the box. If you just don’t show up without notice then you’ve jumped outside! What if I just don’t go to work anymore ever. Live off my savings until it’s all gone. Sell the house and live off that in a used RV until it’s gone. An interesting fantasy. Would it be a good life though?

During my days off for the Holidays I’ve noticed of course that doing things makes the time go by faster. What if you do nothing. Seriously nothing. I couldn’t do that at home. I would have to go somewhere where my options are limited like camping. It would have to be an extended time too in order to actually relax and feel at one with the universe. A couple of days here and there just aren’t enough. Two weeks might get close.  I think a month would be required.  Is this dumb? It feels like something I want but who will feed my cats and fish?  Maybe it’s time for their mystical journies too.

Could I simulate it by shutting off all the electricity at the breakers except for the kitchen appliances?  That would be an interesting experiment.  I might try that.  Electricity is the root of all distraction.

My point is that you can sometimes see that your life can be better if even by a tiny bit. I want to know what is outside the box. I want to experience it before I die but can it be done and still maintain a common standard of living? I don’t mind giving up the frivolous things. I’ve already done that to a great extent. But what if the frivolous things are the key to unlocking the box? Damn! I’ve just made it all more complicated when I thought I was making it easier. Thinking is bad.

>Request for things to do

>Winter in San Antonio is pretty much the best time to be outside. Lows in the 40s and highs in the 50s to 60s. Very comfortable to be outside. Great time to do things. But I have a problem. I don’t know what to do. Other than shopping, drinking and movies there’s really nothing to do here. I don’t drink so that knocks it down to shopping and movies. I’m not really interested in any movies currently showing that I haven’t already seen so that gets it down to Shopping. Now I really don’t need anything from the stores so I won’t be going shopping.

What is left? I stay at home and watch TV and work on projects around the house. I have a lot of vacation built up over the unbearable summer and nowhere to go. Please. I need suggestions on what to do. I am totally blank. I’ve asked before and receive absolutely no response.

Please comment on this entry and give me suggestions on what a single guy can do during comfortable winter weather. Please hurry. The winter won’t last long and I’ll be locked inside for the summer months again.

>The Christmas Snow Conundrum


Last night some snow fell in texas.  According to the weather map and webcam there is a good amount in Abilene.  I would love to go see it.  I checked on google maps to see long it would take me to get there from San Antonio.  It’s about a 6 hour drive to go 414 miles. It’s 10:30 am now.  It would be almost dark by the time I got there and the snow will probably be melted.   Texas is too damn big.   I wouldn’t be home again util after midnight.   I don’t think I’ll try.  Maybe if it makes it down to Kerrville.  That happens often.  I guess I’ll wait.