>Breathing is good

>Did you ever notice how good it feels to breathe?  When the air is cool and the humidity low breathing is a wonderful thing.  Deep breath…


>It’s all good

>I haven’t felt like writing much the last few days.  I guess I’m all hunky dory.
That’s a good thing.

>Food Poisoning!

>OMG!  I spent this weekend in a miserable place.  I think I had food poisoning.  I was up all night Saturday morning with it coming out both ends and lying on the bathroom floor.  Most unpleasant!  I’m not totally sure but I think it came from my new reverse osmosis filter.  I replaced the filters and membrane the other day.  The bag the membrane came in says, “Caution: Element may contain preservative solution.  Wet tested membrane elements contain 1% Sodium Meta-Bisulfite preservative solution to prevent microbiological growth and must be flushed for a minimum of 2 hours prior to use.”

I flushed it a while and figured it was enough. Maybe not.  I just Googled Sodium Meta-Bisulfite and wikipedia says it is used as a food additive so now I’m not sure.  I also had some “Kashi Go-Lean” cereal.  I had a huge bowl of it.  Thats what I was throwing up all night but you wouldn’t think dry cereal would cause that. I don’t think I’ll buy any more of that anyway.  For lunch I ate a barbeque sandwich at a very reliable place.  The guy I ate lunch with didn’t get sick as far as I know.

At least it is over.  I’m left with sore abdominal muscles from all the hurling.  If I go to work tomorrow I’ll have to wear a sign that says, “Please don’t make me laugh.”

It turns out my lunch buddy DID get sick that night.  That means it was the Barbeque place.

>A new name

>I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog.  “A Cry for Help” is good but after a year of crying for help and receiving none you just have to give up.  In an attempt to be more positive this year I’m going to try a new name.  I had some ideas a few days ago but I didn’t write them down now I don’t remember what they were.

Before “A Cry for Help” it was called something like “My quest for happiness”.  Since I’m giving up questing for happiness that doesn’t fit either.

I’ll give it more thought…  Think think think……

>The best thing ever

>The best thing in the world is sleep.  It is said that humans spend a large portion of their lives sleeping.  Some may consider it a waste of time.  Someone said something like, “There will be plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead.”

I, myself, prefer sleep to being awake.  I would sleep my life away if I could.  I often wish I was in a coma. Not only is it nice and warm and comfortable to be in bed but you get the chance to dream.  My dreams range from unpleasant to confusing but they are never dull.  I’m not very good at having fun dreams.  They are often an excercise in frustration but they are still interesting.  Many times I am trying to walk but I can barely move my legs. I have to crawl.  One good thing is that  I’m often with other people and that alone makes it worthwile.  My dream friends.  Whoever they are.

I would like to look into the study of lucid dreaming.  It would be great if I could take control or at least steer them in better directions.  I’ll add it to my list of things to learn. 

Some people have a hard time remembering dreams.  I don’t always remember them but most of the time I remember them long enough to think about them after waking up.  If I had the energy to do more than sit and stare at the wall when I get up I would maybe even write them down.   I’ll work on that.  You have to do it quickly because after a few hours they are gone forever.

Still.  Thumbs up for sleep.  I likes it.

>How to make my day

>I went shopping for groceries today.  I had to.  There was nothing left in the fridge.  After loading the bags into the car I was pulling out and driving down the aisle.  There was a little girl sitting in a cart while her mom put the bags into her car.  She smiled really big and waved goodbye to me as I drove by.  I can’t tell you how nice it was to have someone acknowledge my existence.

I’ve always been visible to small children and waitresses.  If only other people could see me.  It’s kind of ghost thing I think.  Maybe I’m actually just a few microseconds in the future so that only certain people can detect me.

There’s something special about children before they become sentient.  Once they become self-aware it’s all over.  I remember when it happened to my brother.  Our relationship was never the same after that.