>Save energy by taming phantom loads


A phantom load is a small drain of energy used by a device that is plugged in but not turned on.  All wall-wart chargers are guilty of this.  TV, Stereo, Laptops, Desktops are larger consumers of standby current.  It is recommended that you unplug chargers when not in use to save the energy.  It may be only a tiny amount but look around the house and add up all the chargers you have plugged in.  Of course you are not going to go around plugging and unplugging devices when you need them so here’s a simple and cheap way  of reducing phantom power loads on your energy bill.   Use a cheap 24Hour timer.  Set it to turn off devices that will not be used when you are not around.  For example:  I set my laptop timer to turn off at 11:00 when I usually go to be and back on at 11:00 am.  This easily cuts the phantom power usage by 50%.  Even when the laptop is off it still uses 4 Watts of power. Do this for other things that don’t have to be powered up or in standby mode for many hours.  A Watt saved is a Watt earned.


>The Split Soul Conjecture


I have a theory that explains a lot of things about humanity.  As I have observed before, children of today have less of a soul than those of the past.  People get morally worse as time goes on.  Generation by generation the world becomes a less enjoyable and more dangerous place to live.  Sure, technology makes it seem better but consider the role of humanity itself.  It is only worsening to the eventual point where we destroy ourselves.

I use the word “soul” here not necessary in the religious sense or the Black sense of “Soul Brother”.  More along the lines of the force that animates our corpses.  Maybe they are the same in a sense.

My theory is that as children are born they receive a part of their parent’s souls.  Obviously the child does not get their parent’s whole soul therefore the parents are both left with reduced souls and the child has only a partial soul as well.   This explains why adults get weird when they have children and often start to lean towards socialism.  The soul-deprived children grow up with Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism.  Some, who received partial souls from parents who had little to start with, become criminals and are totally worthless to society.

With each generation a child is born with less and less.  Eventually the world will be filled with humans with only a tiny bit of a soul.  Virtually non-existent.  Eventual self destruction of the planet is certain. Compare people of the 50’s with those of today.  How many school shootings were there in the 50’s?

Of course, occasionally a person is born with a whole soul.  Perhaps a joining of the partial soul given by the parents and that of a single or multiple departing soul fragments.  Interesting…

Thank you for not breeding.

>Level 2 Dejunkification

>A few years ago I ran a Level 1 Dejunkification subroutine on my house.  I purged all the stuff that I didn’t need and had no sentimental or monetary value.  I really defragmented the house well.  It felt good to throw it out.  It was like letting go of the weights that hold you down.

Today I started a Level 2 Dejunkification.  Getting rid of stuff that I don’t need that has monetary value.  Maybe not much but it is worth something.  Some of it will go on Craigslist and Ebay.  Some will go in the trash.  It started as a plan to turn the spare bedroom, which holds a lot of junk, into a library.  It will be a nice place to sit and read without any distractions of modern life. It’s important to have a project to keep the mind from wandering to places it shouldn’t go.  The dejunking included the walk-in closet in the master suite.  I had a pile of socks and underwear that I didn’t use anymore.  Some bed stuff and even some electronics.  Now it’s all clean and organized.  So weird looking but it feels good.  It’s nice and roomy now. 

Tomorrow I’ll hit the other closets and extra rooms.  This mansion is just too big for me.  I should get a smaller place.

>Being Content

>The secret to inner peace is contentment.  If you are fighting with desire you cannot be peaceful.  Overall I have enjoyed inner peace for the last few months. I had successfully repressed my desires.  For the last few days my inner peace has cracked a bit.  I can’t help feeling that there must be more to life.  This is a very bad thing to feel as it signifies the beginning of frustration.  I think I can handle it this time.  I am dumping it here so it might go away.

There’s a nagging feeling that there is more to life but I just don’t know what it is or how to get it.  Could it be the need to experience stuff?  I keep coming up with things I feel that I MUST do.  After I do them I feel as though it was ineffective and just a waste of time.  Do I have to go somewhere to experience life?  I read recently that “The joys of life can be found anywhere. Far places only offer exotic ways to suffer.”  This is obviously true as shown in my experiment.  My trip to see the snow the other day, while fun, was pretty much unfullfilling. So what is it?  What do I need?  I don’t know.  Am I inventing this or am I fighting human nature? Human nature is a bitch!

As I have done before I will let go of it.  Just enjoy the moment and be content with what I have.  I really don’t need anything.  I have it all.  Yeah. That’s it.  Push it out.  Shove it out.  Waaaaay out!

>Time Better Spent

>Upon one’s death-bed, one might look back on his life and think about all the things he could have done.  All the time wasted watching TV might have been spent doing something constructive or adventurous.   Consider all the time wasted sitting in an office all day.  Add to that all the time spent sleeping to recover from that time spent in the office.  There’s little precious time left for adventures.  Weekends just aren’t long enough and vacation time is virtually unatainable.  That tiny amount of time between returning home from work and going to bed leaves little alternative but to watch TV. 

I am, of course, a TV addict.  But mostly because I can’t figure out what I want to do and how to fit it in the spare time between work and sleep.  If I could come up with viable alternatives that might make life more enjoyable I would attend to them.  Alas.  I am blank.  An acquaintance often asks, “Call me if you want to do something.”  My response is usually, “Like what?”   Is time really any beter spent doing mundane repetetive things like going to a movie, the mall, dining out, driving around aimlessly?   At the end of the day you really haven’t accomplished anything effective and you’ve pretty much just spent a bunch of money and have nothing to show for it.

I’m really quite content spending time with my best friend, Television.  She always treats me right and asks so little in return.  Maybe a new bulb every few years.  (60 inch rear pojection HD goodness.)  I’m not really even complaining here either.  I just thought it would be a great philosophical point to ponder.  At the end of one’s life is there really any value in having seen the world?  Dead men remember no tales.

>Quick Book Review – Forever Odd


I finished reading “Forever Odd” by Dean Koontz.   It is the second book of the Odd Thomas series.  I stumbled across this one before reading the first one but it is fine on it’s own.  I guess now I know what to read next.   Overall it was a good book about a guy who can see ghosts.  He has to save his friend from kidnappers.  It is one of those books you look forward to reading the next chapter. I love a book without too many characters.  It get’s confusing.  This one has only a few so it’s easy to keep up.  I recommend giving it a read.  Get it here.

>Get some snow!


The magic barrier just north of San Antonio strikes again.  Less than 40 miles away there is snow and here…nothing.  Fortunately I won this time!  I took a snow-day from work and drove the few miles to Fredericksburg, Tx and enjoyed the snow.  You may think this is dumb but I haven’t seen snow in like 10 years. The magic barrier is strong.  I had a great time even though the snow was light and disappointing it was still snow.  Woohoo!  Now I can reset my snow-counter.