>Memorial Day Dinner


I can’t seem to remember the last holiday I had.  It has been months.  Nothing better than a day off.  Sleeping late and doing whatever I want.  After fixing my scooter and then taking it for a final ride before I sell it, I end up taking a corner to fast and lay it down going for a slide on the street.  Fortunately the damage was minor.  I popped the turn indicator lens back on, started it up and drove home.  Nothing a little work can’t fix.  Nothing a little neosporin can’t fix on me.  

I grilled myself up a nice $10.00 T-Bone, Boudin sausage, baked potato, Jalapeno Ranch-Style beans, Bread, Corn on the cob.  A most satisfying meal.  Now I’l break out a nice epic movie and enjoy the evening.  Being home alone is good.


>So tired.

>I’m so tired. I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.

>Mexico is wasted on the Mexicans

>Mexico is a beautiful land. Gorgeous white sand beaches with clear blue water. Tropical forests and amazing plant life. So rather than enjoy all the beauty all the Mexicans want to come here. They want to come to Texas where there is nothing. We have brown sand beaches with brown water. No forests here. Just scrub brush oak and mesquite trees. We should trade with them. They can have the US and we can all move to Mexico. Too bad Mexicans don’t appreciate beauty.

>The Best Day Never!


This morning a friend called me wanting to go to the beach.  North Padre Island near Corpus Christi is only around 200 miles from San Antonio so she came over and we drove down there in my car.  We stopped and had lunch on the way.  It was about 1:00 when we arrived at the beach.  The sand was clean and white.  Clear blue waves crashing noisily on the beach.  We were surprised to see everyone playing naked in the sand and water.  Though it was crowded, it didn’t take us long to find a parking spot.  After taking off our clothes we ran and played in the cool surf like little kids.  I brought a couple of body surfing boards to ride the waves.  After a while of that we joined a volleyball game and played for a few hours.  We walked along the beach and picked up a few shells and things.  We were starting to get a little too sunburned so we stopped at the shower house and cleaned up, got dressed and had dinner at a great cajun seafood place where they dump a bunch of things on the table to eat.  Crawfish, crab legs, potatoes, sausage, corn.  All with a great Cajun spice.  Awesome.  We drove home.  It only took a couple of hours.  It was the best day I never had!

>End of Life Regrets?

>While watching a show on TV today where a woman was dying of cancer.  It made me start to think.  What if I only had a few days left to live?  Would I have any regrets?  Are there things I would have wanted to do before I died?  The scary part was that I couldn’t come up with anything.

What do I want to do before I die?  Hmmm.  What do other people want?
1. See the world?  Meh.  Far away places just offer exotic ways to suffer.
2. Have children? Meh.  That will never happen.  Mark it off.
3. Experience sex?  I do want to try that someday.  I’ll probably just have to pay for it.
4. Experience love?  Not gonna happen.
5. Have a good friendship?  Unlikely.
6. Sports car?  Been there done that.
7. Naked volleyball?  Done that.
8. Skydiving?  Nah.
9. Helicopter pilot license?  Can’t afford it.
10. Build a house in the country?   Doable but not until I retire. But then I might be too old.
11. Bunjee jumping?  Not interested.
12. Ride in the engine of a steam train?  Yes but how?

Not a good bucket list for me.  I’ll try to think of more and add them later.  I’ll have to spend some serious time on this subject.

>Babies pretty?


I was watching “House” today.  Dr. Cuddy was holding her adopted baby and someone commented that the baby was pretty.  That was interesting to me since all babies look the same how can you remark on whether they are pretty or not?   How often do you see an ugly baby?  Don’t they all look like Winston Churchill?  I think people just say things like that to make conversation. 

>Eating Alone. Why it is better.

>I’ve heard people sometimes say that they feel strange eating alone in a restaurant.  I fail to see the significance of this feeling.  I’ve noticed that when eating with someone else you are so involved in conversation that you don’t even notice the food.  After the meal is done you ask yourself, “What did it taste like?”  You could have eaten styrofoam and not have noticed.  When eating alone you actually enjoy the food.  The flavors and textures.   I totally prefer to eat alone.