>The Big Picture – The Meaning of your Life

>In the recent past, I spent many frustrated years considering the pointlessness of my life.  To put it in perspective you have to ask yourself what exactly is a  fulfilling life?  How do you define it?  I would have to point out that it is completely subjective.  Let’s evaluate some examples:

Consider Bill Gates, an extremely successful businessman who is now retired from work to a life of philanthropy.
Also consider a San Antonio, South Side, Hispanic whose whole goal in life is to drink beer, fish and make children.

Is one better than the other?  Bill Gates went out and grabbed the world by the collar and achieved his lofty goals while completely changing the world itself.  He made the world a better place to live in both technically and now socially through his charitable foundation. 

The San Antonio, South Side Hispanic has no goals other than simple pleasures which are easily attained.  

Upon Bill Gate’s death, the world will stop and remember him.  He will die a satisfied, happy man.
When the Hispanic man dies, the world will not notice yet he will still die a satisfied, happy man.

In the end both have lived full and complete lives in their own mind. (Which is all that matters.)

What of the person in the middle?  The person who has potential and desire to do great things but never really achieves them.  The person who knows his potential but cannot express it.  He may go through life frustrated and depressed working in a dead end job until he dies a sad and unfulfilled man. 

What can we learn from this study?  If you are the middle-man you are doing something wrong.  A poker buddy once said, “Come big or don’t come at all.”   There really are only two correct paths in life.  If you have the means to achieve lofty goals, take the first path.  If you don’t then take the second.  If you have goals but not the means, you may be screwed.  Either drop the goals or find the means.  Perhaps a lobotomy.

I have great ideas and abilities but I don’t have the method to make them effective.  I don’t really have lofty goals but I do feel that I have more purpose in life than beer, fish and children.  

It seems the point is for your life to be complete in your own mind.  Accomplish what you can.  Only you can define what makes you happy.  You can’t live by other people’s rules no matter how hard they try to force them on you.  When they say that life is hard, they are talking about us middle-men.  Lobotomies all around!


>Last day of vacation

>Well, it was inevitable.  Today is the last day of my vacation. I was hoping for the end of the world before Monday but it looks like that’s not going to happen. Where is the Earth destroying meteor when you need it. Tomorrow it’s back to work.  I hope I can hold on to the lessons on relaxation that I learned on my week off.  I sure hope that the guy who filled in for me did the work and didn’t just pile it up for me to take care of when I get back.  That may negate the whole vacation by instantly returning the stress that nearly killed me.  If that happens to be the case then I will do my best to remember how to relax and take it all in due time and not try to fix it all at right away.  People are going to have to learn to wait a little longer.  I’m not going to stress myself out because of their problems.  Chillax is my new motto.  We’ll have to wait and see if it sticks.  Remember Ferris.  What would Ferris do?

>A New Beginning


A few weeks ago a huge tree in the corner of my backyard called it quits. It had carpenter ants and they ate on it until it just couldn’t support itself anymore.  It started to fall over, then it fell over.

I am going to miss the nice shade and privacy it gave my from my back side neighbor’s windows.  It cost me $540 to have some people come out and cut it up and haul it away.

I had planned on removing it a few years ago anyway so that I could plant a garden in the back corner.  I guess I got my wish.   This fall, when it cools down, I will prepare the area for next spring’s garden.  I’ve been wanting to do that forever but my yard was just too shady to grow anything.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to.

>Lesson Learned – Don’t make plans with other people.

>I learned a valuable lesson this week during my vacation.  I made the mistake of contacting an occasional friend to see if she wanted to do anything this week.  She said some people from the scuba club were planning on going to the beach on Saturday.  Sounded OK to me so I planned for it.  I didn’t necessarily want to go but I would for the heck of it.  As I said before, I don’t like going to the beach if I can’t get naked.  Anyway.  Since the plans were for Saturday, I passed by opportunities for myself to go to the lake or something like that to keep from getting pre-sunburned.  Friday night came and no calls, messages or texts from my friend.  That was OK since I didn’t really want to go anyway.  Saturday morning passes by with still no contact.  I assume the trip is off.  Again, I’m fine with that but the problem is that I gave up previous excursions just in case.  In the end, I didn’t go anywhere fun on my vacation.

The moral of the story is to never make plans with other people on your vacation.  Especially near the end.  I have known for years that you never even TELL anyone that you are on vacation because they will take up your time making you do something for them or making you do something “fun” that isn’t fun at all.  I went against that rule and suffered for it.  Lesson learned and filed in the front of the file cabinet.

>Quick Movie Review – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


I decided to celebrate my vacation with a viewing of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“.  This movie is special to me in a number of ways.  First, It was filmed in 1986. This was Ferris’ last year of high school as well as mine.  I graduated in 1986 so the synchronicity is spot on.   I love 80s movies.  It was truly a most awesome time for both movies and to be alive.  Of course everything is better in retrospect but things were just better then.  You can’t deny it.

Second, It’s just a damn good movie.  The music is awesome as well as the acting.  Unfortunately for Matthew Broderick, it was he only movie as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t know what happened to him.  He should have been great!  I did like him in “The Freshman” but he just wasn’t as awesome.

I liked the way he spoke to the camera giving advice.  I am more of a Cameron than a Ferris but this movie makes you want to get out and experience life instead of spending all your valuable time in school or work. Overall, you can’t not like this movie.  Get it now on “Blu Ray“.

>Retractable Air Conditioner


Finished unit inside view.

I got a letter from my HOA (Home Owners Association) complaining that my garage air conditioner was against the rules.  Now here in San Antonio, you either have an air conditioner in your garage or you don’t go out there until November.  I decided to make it retractable so it can’t be seen from the street when not in use.  It has to be extended when in use so that outside are can go through it and condensation can drip out onto the ground.

I had some extra heavy duty server rack slides that I didn’t need at work so I used them as the side mechanism.  I welded up a frame out of steel angle iron to fit the bottom of the AC unit.  Some supports for the end to a ceiling joist for extra stability and I’m done.



Now I just need to finish off the exterior with a frame and maybe a hinged siding cover.  I’ll see how it goes.  I like to make things up as I go.

For those of you in the same situation.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  I didn’t find much by searching the internet so now I’m providing.  If you like my work, buy one of my Color Changing Doorbell Buttons.

I went ahead and added a frame around the outside to dress up the hole.  I think it looks pretty good.


>Vacation at last!

>I decided to take some vacation time this week.  I still can’t think of anywhere to go but I had to get away from work before I went on a killing spree or something.  I had to go in Monday to take care of some unfinished business planning to take Tuesday through Friday off.  After being deluged by other people’s problems that morning I bailed out after lunch and said, “So long suckers!” 

It really feels good to take the time off even if I spend it all at home and around town.  It’s nice to not have to deal with other people’s problems for a while.  Now the only problems I have are my own and I can deal with them when and if I please.  Including the weekend I still have four days left!  Oooo.  I can’t tell you how good it feels. 

I saw a couple of movies at the theatre, worked in the garage and the yard, did a little necessary shopping and basically goofed off.  I feel like Ferris Bueller.  Vacation is good and if you have the means, I highly recommend you pick some up.