>Quick Book Review – One Second After


An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is generated when a nuclear weapon is detonated in the upper atmosphere.  The Pulse overloads all electrical lines and destroys the tiny electronics our very lives depend on.  You don’t even know it happened except that your electricity goes out and never comes back on.  What happens when the electricity never comes back on?  No refrigeration, no vehicles run so no food can be delivered. (Yes, your car is fried.)  How do you live in the stone age now?

One Second After follows a small town as they try to live a year without electricity with nobody on the outside to come to their assistance.  Life is hard and most of the residents die of starvation and lack of medication. It is a somber reality that could hit us at any moment.  EMPs are real and relatively easy to create by a terrorist group bent on making the U.S. suffer. There’s nobody out there like that, right?

This book is very easy to read and hard to put down.  It is well researched and the scenario is REAL.  This can happen to us at any time and we are not ready.  The lessons you can learn from how this town deals with the situation can save your life and the life of your loved ones.  Don’t delay. Get it today!


>A Trip Through Time to 1979


Scruffy me in 1979

O. M. G!   I was at my mom’s house today and she had a couple of cassette tapes and was wondering what was on them.  One was nothing relevant but the other was beyond value!  Back in 1979 tech was low.  For video games we had the Atari 2600.  For audio we had the original Sony Walkman and separate mono cassette recorders.  I remember making tapes of my friends and I having fun but I thought they were lost.

On one side of the tape I had recorded the Charlie Brown Halloween Special back when it was “brought to you by Dolly Madison”.  We didn’t have VHS yet.  There were occasional giggles from my brother and I.  That was cool to hear.   On the other side was the real treasure.  It was me doing some homework.  In 1979, I was in 6th grade.  My first year of middle school.  I was 11 years old.  It blew me away to hear my little boy high pitched voice.  I was talking through converting roman numerals to numbers and back the other way.  I was mostly correct!  I even did commercials.  I was spellbound as I listened to myself from 31 years ago.  My brother coming in occasionally to bother me.

First Year Band
Me in the middle

Later it was a recording of my friends and I playing Mary Had A Little Lamb on our first year band instruments.  Horrendous!  I was actually relatively good for my first year.  I’ve heard WAY worse.

I have a LOT of pictures of myself as I grew up but never audio or video.  Video film cameras were expensive and video tape was not available yet. I plan on converting the tape to MP3 for future listening and sharing on Facebook.

People today may take video and audio of themselves as kids for granted but for me this is very special.  It takes me back to happier times and reminds me that life was better and I was a cute, awesome kid!

>You better be thankful or else!


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  If you have a friend then I ORDER you to be thankful because if you aren’t I’ll personally come and kick your ass!  Having a friend is something I have wished for in vain for 40 years.  It is the most valuable thing in the world so you better be thankful!
I’ll be down at the river crying if you need me.

>Black Thursday. Blacker than Black.

>Many stores will be opening for their Black “Friday” sales on Thanksgiving day.  This has to be one of the most inhumane things I’ve heard in a long time.  Instead of letting their employees spend a nice holiday with their family they will have to spend it at work!  I urge you to refuse to shop on Thanksgiving day so that stores will get the message and let their employees have next year off.  Boycott Black Thursday for the sake of humanity!

>Dreamblog – Northern Exposure Tour


This morning before I woke up, I ws dreaming that my mom and I were with a group visitng the town where Northern Exposure was filmed.  It looked nothing like it but I knew what it was and noticed small details.  I saw Ruth Anne’s Store and Marilyn’s house.  They were actually still filming but we were not allowed in that area.

We were driving along dirt roads and got lost.  I stubled accross a community band practice.  There was a chair with an oboe, flute and a piccolo on it.  I sat down.  There wansn’t an oboe reed so it put it aside and picked up the piccolo which is more fun to play than a flute.  The music was very beginner but I played along having trouble finding the music in the folder.

Funny how dreams morph from one thing to anohter.  I often have dreams about band practice.  I actually looked into buying a house in the town where NE was filmed.  They were a bit overpriced for my taste.  Maggie’s house was for sale at one time.  Maybe I’ll look into it again in a few years.  Don’t get any ideas!  It’s mine.

>Quick Movie Review (and more) – An Alternative to Slitting your Wrist


I just watched an independent film on the Documentary channel called An Alternative to Slitting your Wrist. It was a self made documentary about a guy suffering from depression.  He made out a list of things to do as an alternative to suicide that might make his life better and help him understand himself.   It was quite a list.  I’m a big fan of lists but virtually nothing on his list appealed to me.  I would never put them on mine.  It reminds me about how different people are.

Since you will probably never see this movie I’m going to tell you how it ended.  He ends up, after completing his list, determining that the whole thing was pointless and he didn’t really learn anything about himself or make his life better.

It makes me wonder about my little blog project here.  I know for a fact that I have improved my life.  I have documented proof at least.  But how much better is it?  I’ve been doing this for a number of years now mostly in hopes of making a difference in my life and maybe the lives of others who might read it.  Whether I have helped anyone else I have no proof whatsoever.  I feel like I’m spitting words out into the void and they don’t even echo back.  Hello?   Is this thing on?  This proves that the world is empty and I am the only non-holographic being here.

I have attempted to make a list of things I want to do as an alternative to suicide but just can’t come up with anything.  I’m sure I will come to the same conclusion that it is pointless but it did give him something to do.  He was lucky to have a support team.   I have nobody to even hold the camera.  Yeah.  It sucks but I can deal with it.  I have to.  I have found that with the right tool you can do anything by yourself.  I have TV and Books as my support team. They will have to do.  For now.