>Airport Full Body Scanners or a Sensual Patdown


Recently airports have started using full body scanners to check people for weapons.  It seems to be a huge controversy.  I guess I’m on the fence about it.  The only problem I see with it is the x-ray radiation.   I don’t have any problem with the actual scanning.  Who cares if someone sees your body.  I would fly naked if we were allowed to.  It blows my mind how protective people are of others seeing them naked.  Everyone is the same.  Where does this modesty come from?

The alternative is a sensual pat down.  I would be all for that if I could be patted down by a woman.  “Check in there real good!  I might have something. Yeah, baby!”  I was talking about this with a coworker and he was pretty sure that men are checked by men and women checked by women.  This makes no sense.  What man wants to be patted down by a man?  Well, some might like it but I would think the majority want the woman’s touch.    Now women, on the other hand, are backward on this.  Most of them want to be patted down by a woman.   Are they lesbians?  Maybe.  I have a theory that most women are lesbian.  If they weren’t then I wouldn’t be so lonely.