>Pajama Pants Pockets

>There are pockets in my flannel pajama pants.  I am perplexedly pondering the purpose of pajama pants pockets. Do people wear them outside the house?  Other than keys and a wallet I can’t see much use for pants pockets.  Do people carry their cellphones in the pajama pockets?  Some chapstick?  Seems pretty uncomfortable to have things in your pockets when you are laying around on the couch or bed.  The first thing I do when I come home is unload my pockets.  I guess you can put your hands in them.  Well.  I’m not going to lose sleep over this one.  Let it be.


>Snow zombies


Today the national news is reporting on the snow storm in the Northeast.  Supposedly New York got 20 inches of snow.  People were actually calling 911.  The mayor had to get on TV and beg people not to call 911 unless there was a real emergency.  Can you believe that?
911:  What is your emergency?
CALLER: It’s snowing!
911: And?

Now meteorologists  had predicted the snow storm a week in advance.  It was a large low that started in California, came through Texas then up the east coast.  The first question that comes to mind is, “Why were you not prepared?”   In winter it is common for it to snow a lot up there.  For those without electricity, Why do you not have generators?  They are so cheap. Do you not have food stored up for the winter? It all comes back to zombie-ism.  Everyone is off in La-La land, head in the clouds not even paying attention to what is going on around them.  Wake up people!  Beeep Beeep Beeep.

>Christmas Eve

>God help me.   Tomorrow is Christmas Day.  It is pretty much a rerun of Thanksgiving.  I pick up my mom and we go to my cousin’s house in Seguin where I spend a day uncomfortably trying to fit in with a bunch of people I have nothing in common with.  Basically I sit there and smile and nod as everyone talks about things and people I don’t know anything about as I struggle to hold in the tears.  This year I think I will sneak out and drive around the town and explore for a few hours.  I’ll go down to the park by the river and walk around.  I’m sure I can find a way to use up the day until it is time to go home.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if I met someone at the park who felt like me?  Unlikely.

UPDATE:  It wasn’t too bad.  It was just closer relatives and not a bunch of strangers so it wasn’t totally unbearable.  Yay!

>Christmas 2010 Overview


Last year for Christmas, I set up my tree.  I ordered presents for myself, wrapped them without looking at them and put them under the tree.  Christmas morning I opened them up.  It was OK but not very effective.

This year I didn’t have any motivation to put up a tree or even a single string of lights.  I really feel nothing.  I’ve thought long and hard and decided this year the theme for Christmas 2010 is, “Anger.”

>Cell Phone Blockers


I’m not talking about cell phone jammers.  I’m talking about people in the supermarket.  Every aisle I tried to go down today was blocked by some dumbass on a cell phone.  Their cart completely blocking the aisle while they were off in La La Land.  WTF????   I wanted to grab them by the shoulders and yell, “WHO WARE YOU TALKING TO?”  Who could they possibly be talking to because there’s nobody out there.  Then I remembered that they are all holograms therefore there doesn’t have to be anyone on the other end.  It’s all a high tech intergalactic plot to piss me off.  Well, it’s working!

>My on and off affair with Facebook


I’ve had a Facebook account for years but my interest comes and goes.  I’ve pretty much limited my “friends” to my high school band acquaintances because at least I had a common interest with them.  A few of them were my childhood best friends.  It’s nice to know that they still exist.  (Most of them at least.)  Occasionally I’ll actively post interesting pictures from my past or what I’m doing.  In reality, I guess, I’m just fishing for comments.  I almost never look at the status or wall entries from them though.  Their happiness makes me angry.

Recently my community band was going to play a Christmas concert.  I invited everyone still living in town to come listen.  I virtually begged.  Concert day came and there was nobody I knew in the audience.  No family.  No friends. I re-realized how superficial and pointless Facebook really is.   I’ve done this before and eventually I forget and have to re-learn the lesson the hard way.  Even though I wanted someone to come I secretly wished nobody would.  This whole social thing has always been difficult for me.  Even now I live in fear that I will be invited to a party.   I really prefer to be alone than to have to relate to people yet at the same time I also get lonely.  Is that stupid or what?  I think I will eventually make an appointment to see a psychiatrist.  I’m just afraid he will make me try to be social.

>Gas prices going back up. Are you prepared?


Gas prices are on the way back up.  You didn’t forget what it was like last time, right?  You didn’t go out and buy a SUV when the prices went down temporarily?  Did you?  You got rid of your gas guzzling SUV and bought a hybrid or new electric car, right?  I’m not giving you too much credit am I?

Well, I switched to a hybrid and I’m going to be laughing at you when you are spending $75 or more to fill your tank.  Ba ha haaa!  A full tank will take me 500 miles and at $5.00 per gallon will cost me $50 compared to the $100 you will be paying to go only 250 miles. Such short sighted masses, sleeping their way through life.  Zombies!   I hope you are rich zombies for your sake.  I suggest you start saving your beer money because you’re going to need it for gas.