>Salt – I warned you!


Today the news reports that we are eating too much salt.  Well…Yeah.
I warned you back in October. Perhaps now something will be done.  There’s unnecessary salt in everything. Especially processed foods.  Take it out!  Let us add it ourselves if we want it.


Where is my Utopia?

Throughout time, enlightened people have sought Utopia.  A place to live where everything is perfect socially and politically.  I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a city that is like that.  Upon second thought, probably not.  But why, you may ask.   Wouldn’t you think that by now perfection would have been reached?  It seems so simple.  The root of the problem may be that everyone’s vision of a utopian society is completely different.   Until we can come at least to geographical consensus we are doomed to live the way we do.

It has been tried on a grand scale in the past.  Hitler had a great plan to build the utopian city, Germania.  It would have been an awesome place to live assuming you weren’t Jewish.   Walt Disney planed Epcot to be a model for Utopia.  Even cults develop their own utopian lifestyles on a small-scale that often don’t work out.

Again, the cause of the Utopian failures is diversity.  Not just racial, but religious, political and social diversity.  In order to have a perfectly functioning utopia everyone has to be in agreement. As long as we keep pursuing diversity we have little chance of getting it together.

Uniformity of thought.  I would think that if multiple utopias were created where people could choose their society as they see fit we could have the best of both worlds.  If people didn’t like life in one they could consult the internet and find one that was more compatible with their views.  If you are communist, go to the communist utopia.  If you are socialist or capitalist, liberal or conservative, futuristic or old-fashioned, religious or normal, there would be a place for you.  I really think this could work.  Somebody get us started and soon!


>Warm weather

>It’s January 30th and it was 80 degrees today.  That’s nice for fall or spring and awesome for summer but it’s January and I WANT WINTER! Fortunately we are expected to get a super cold front later this week.  I’m so looking forward to it.  The low is expected to actually reach 20 degrees with highs in the low 40s.   There’s even a chance of ice or snow flurries.  I won’t hold my breath for that but I will be wishful.  There’s nothing better than time off from work because of weather.  It makes me wonder why everybody up north is complaining.  If I lived up there I would sit by the fireplace all day and watch movies.  Maximum happiness.

>Where is everyone going all the time?


I would really like to know where everyone is going all the time.  I make a major effort to limit my trips and am always amazed to see everyone not even trying.

My kitchen window overlooks the neighbors across the street.  Almost every time I look out the window one of their two SUVs are either coming or going.  I don’t look out the window that many times a day but if the majority of the looks include a coming or going event then how many times is it happening while I’m not looking? Are these people insane?  Are they buying their cigarettes one at a time?   One beer at a time?   Do they buy their groceries one at a time?

Multiply all this coming and going times the number of people in this city and it’s no wonder the traffic is always jammed.  It’s one of the reasons I pray for higher gas prices.  People need to limit their trips and be more efficient.  Look at all the time being wasted driving around unnecessarily.  Come on people!  Smarten up!  Doesn’t it bother anyone?

>Day Off!

>I decided to take the day off.  I was SOOO bored at work this week and a 75 degree sunny day in January is too good to pass up.  I considered going to play golf or do some exploring around Medina lake or downtown but decided that those things would make me sad so I stayed home.  I took my trike for it’s annual inspection then I painted the trim on part of the house.  One more side and I’m done.  Perhaps this spring.

I think I chose wisely.  Getting things done that have been nagging you feels good.  Much better than doing something fun and feeling sad.  Like I said before: A good project brings happiness.

Being home from work is a good booster too.  It’s good.

>Some Dream Advice


Here’s some good advice.  If you wake up during the night and have to go to the bathroom but don’t want to get out of bed so you decide to just hold it.  Don’t.  Get up and take care of business.  The result of not taking the few minutes often results in toilet dreams.

Surely you’ve had one.  You dream that you have to go really bad but can’t find a bathroom.  Maybe you find one but the toilets are out of order.  Even worse, the only toilet is in a public place and you can’t get people to stay out of the room while you try in vain to make it so.   Funny and unpleasant at the same time.  Just get out of bed. It only takes a minute.  Your dreams will be much better.

>So what’s the deal?


OK.  So I’ve been writing this blog almost daily since April of 2007.   That’s almost 5 years.  I’ve poured out my heart to the world hoping that someone out there was just like me.  So far I’ve gotten nothing.  Could this be the proof that I am the last of my species?   I’ve never felt a connection to humans but I always did feel that there was someone out there like me somewhere.  Perhaps I am wrong.

If you are out there reading this blog and saying to yourself, “This guy is just like me.” then you have to contact me.  I need proof.  Just say hello.  We don’t have to talk.  I won’t bother you back.

Though I feel no connection to humanity I can’t shake the feeling that I must have contact with others.  It is an unmistakable sign that deep inside I am human no matter how much I deny it.   I think the kind of person I would be most connectible with would be the person who is on the edge of suicide because of loneliness.  I’m not talking about the loneliness you feel the day after breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  I’m talking about the loneliness you feel when you’ve never had one.  REAL loneliness.   Shut up!  You’re wasting your time.  Big Bang Theory is on!