Where is my Utopia?

Throughout time, enlightened people have sought Utopia.  A place to live where everything is perfect socially and politically.  I keep thinking that somewhere out there is a city that is like that.  Upon second thought, probably not.  But why, you may ask.   Wouldn’t you think that by now perfection would have been reached?  It seems so simple.  The root of the problem may be that everyone’s vision of a utopian society is completely different.   Until we can come at least to geographical consensus we are doomed to live the way we do.

It has been tried on a grand scale in the past.  Hitler had a great plan to build the utopian city, Germania.  It would have been an awesome place to live assuming you weren’t Jewish.   Walt Disney planed Epcot to be a model for Utopia.  Even cults develop their own utopian lifestyles on a small-scale that often don’t work out.

Again, the cause of the Utopian failures is diversity.  Not just racial, but religious, political and social diversity.  In order to have a perfectly functioning utopia everyone has to be in agreement. As long as we keep pursuing diversity we have little chance of getting it together.

Uniformity of thought.  I would think that if multiple utopias were created where people could choose their society as they see fit we could have the best of both worlds.  If people didn’t like life in one they could consult the internet and find one that was more compatible with their views.  If you are communist, go to the communist utopia.  If you are socialist or capitalist, liberal or conservative, futuristic or old-fashioned, religious or normal, there would be a place for you.  I really think this could work.  Somebody get us started and soon!