Lonely Stick Guy Car Decal

I’m always seeing the family stickers on the back of cars.  They always piss me off since they are rubbing their happiness in my face.  I did some web searching and found multiple sites where you can buy these stickers.  (I’ve never seen them in stores so I’m not sure where everyone is getting them.)

Unable to find one suitable for a lonely guy I contacted VinylLetterDecor.com.  They took a crude drawing I sent to them and created a lonely guy decal just for me.  You can get one yourself.  Order it here.

So cool!  I wonder if it will get any notice on my car.


Solar water heater update!

Awesome news!  Today I performed my first full scale test of my $150 solar water heater.  It works!  It took me some time to work out the leaks and other kinks but I think it was worth it.

When I got home from work today I switched the valves to select the solar heater which was full of water to be heated by the sun.  I turned on the bathtub faucet and anxiously awaited the arrival of the warm water.  As soon as I felt it start to warm up I switched on the shower.  It actually got to a perfect temperature and held there long enough for a good basic cleaning.  I therefore declare it usable!

I see two possible upgrades.  One might be to add another loop to double the heated water storage to 32 gallons.  This is doable and should cost about $25.00.

A second option, which I will try first, is to use a low flow shower head with a valve to turn it off while soaping and shampooing.  I already have one of these so I’ll try it right away.

After a few more tests and tweaks or upgrades I just might turn off the gas to the water heater for the summer.

Cool or what!?

Have a nice fall?

Today I fell off the roof.  I had just stepped off the ladder and lost my balance.  As I was starting to topple the falling scenario flashed through my head.   I jumped for the ladder and managed to catch it with my hands.  My feet much have landed on a rung then slipped  but it was enough to help me swing to the ground.  I ended up laying on my back hoping the ladder wasn’t about to fall on top of me.  It was kind of a parkour thing.

Fortunately I was not seriously damaged.  I have a little knee and back pain but nothing major.  After a few days of soreness I should be back to normal.

Amazingly enough a neighbor was in his backyard and saw me fall.  Normally I would have been unseen and if I had broken my neck or back I would not have been noticed for days or weeks.

Luck usually shines on me in these situations.  I should be more careful though.  Luck has a way of running out.

Sooooo dry in Texas!

It has been so long since it has rained our aquifer is only 5 feet away from stage 2 water restrictions.

It has been so long since it has rained, there are 20 wildfires burning across Texas.

It has been so long since it has rained, the dust and pollen build up on the power lines will cause widespread outages next time we get a sprinkle.

It has been so long since it has rained that the Texas Governor is planning to ask all residents to pray for rain.

It has been so long since it has rained that the weeds are dying.

It has been so long since it has rained that the lake levels are reaching record lows.

I can go on…

Actually, the fact that we haven’t had any rain in 8 months is becoming a source of entertainment for me.  I almost hope that it doesn’t rain for another 8 months just to see what happens.

Celebrities age faster – More proof

I just found out that Price William is Princess Diana’s baby.  Here’s more proof that celebrities age faster than regular people.  It was only about 5 years ago that he was born.  Now he is 29 and getting married.  How screwed up is that?

Perhaps it is not that they age faster.  Maybe it is time in general that goes faster.  5 years ago it was 1982.  Now it is 2011.  Stop the bus.  I want off!

What is the deal with fancy food?

I was watching a show on the Food Channel about a fancy restaurant with fancy food.

I don’t like fancy food.  Perhaps because when I go to eat, I’m hungry.  A big plate with a few sprigs of food on it isn’t going to do the trick.  After spending over $100 for a fancy plate I would have to go get a hamburger.

Please explain to me what the point is of this.  There must be more to it than eating because there’s not much there.  When I’m hungry I’m not interested in art. I want food.

Quick Lunch Review – Smashburger

I’ve been hungry for burgers lately so today I decided to try out Smashburger.

I ordered the Texas Burger, which I assume is named differently depending on where you live.  The burger was quite good with very fresh looking toppings.  The meat is “smashed” kind of like Wendy’s does.  I guess thats where the name comes from.

The Smash Fries are seasoned with rosemary, garlic and olive oil.  It gave them a nice flavor.

Overall this was a good meal.  The only problem I had with it was the price.  The Burger, Fries and a drink cost me $10.57.    Wow!   Your grandparents would be appalled since they paid 15 cents for the same thing.  It would cost a family of four over $40.00 to eat a burger.  That’s more than a full tank of gas in my Prius.  I could get a similar or better burger for less money at Chili’s.

I can’t say that I would ever go back to Smashburger. It’s good but it’s just not worth the price.