Sexless Baby, Wait… What?

Stupidity has just stepped up a level.  Kathy Witterick and David Stocker of Toronto are keeping the sex of their baby a secret from the world.  There are so many problems with this story.

1.  Who cares what sex your ugly baby is?

2. A child CAN’T chose it’s own sex.  What ever is in your pants is what you live with unless you are going to have a sex change operation.

3. It is obviously a girl.  If it was a boy the parents would be unlikely to be worried about it.

4. If it is a boy and it decides to act like a girl it will get it’s ass kicked on a daily basis in school.  There will be problems in the gym shower too.

5. This is going to be one seriously screwed up kid if it choses wrong.

6. This is just stupid.



Quick Book Review – Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Looking for an awesome book to read I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Isaac Asimov.  I was wrong.  I struggled to get through the first half of “Foundation” until I just couldn’t take it anymore.  It was boring as hell.  It took a ton of words to say virtually nothing.  I don’t know how it ended because I just couldn’t read anymore blah blah blah.  I guess I’ll look it up on the internet for a short synopsis.

The premise is pretty cool but the story drones on and on.

Why is it so hard to find a good read these days?


Fixed my Craftsman Router!

Woohoo!  I fixed my router that stopped working when I was building the base for my TARDIS storage shed.  I was in the middle of using it and it just stopped.  I hate to waste things so rather than buying a new one I opened it up and had my way with it.  It seems to have been a wire connection that came loose.  Anyone else would have trashed it and spent another $80 on a new one. Not me.  I’m awesome!

Don’t you wish you had a friend like me?


Dreamblog – Tornado!

I was at my mother’s house.  She and my aunt had gone shopping and a tornado was coming.  It was really windy outside and suddenly a house roof dropped into the trees across the street.  Then another appeared.  I could see the tornado coming across the street and was right outside the window.  It was small but powerful.  I ran behind the kitchen door holding it to keep myself between the wall and the door. I thought how any minute shards of wood could pierce the door and myself.

The next thing I knew I was outside.  My mom and auto drove up in their car and it started to be sucked up into the air.  The tornado must have been moving away because I was able to grab the bumper and pull the car back down to the ground.

The neighborhood was totally wrecked just like on TV except our house was completely gone.  Only the outline of the green grass indicated where the house once stood.  Even the debris was gone.  It was a totally clean kill.

Realizing there was nothing left I thought it would be a good idea to go get a hotel room before they all filled up so we started walking.   Even though San Antonio is inland we were walking along piers and docks over the water.

I woke up before we got much further.  Funny how the news leaks into your subconscious.  Especially when they keep playing the same story every day for weeks on end.

Kleenex Hand Towels – Dumbest idea of 2011

OMG!  I just saw a commercial for Kleenex Hand Towels.  They are now wanting you to buy and use a fresh towel every time you wash your hands.  The towels you have used for years could kill you now.

First thought:  How is this good for the environment?  Landfill full of virtually clean paper towels.  You just washed your hands.  They’re clean.

Second thought: What a scam!  When you run out you will just have to buy more. How nice for Kleenex.

Third thought:  I’m glad I don’t buy Kleenex products.  They are bastards for even coming up with this.

What am I supposed to do?

The usual question has come back to haunt me.  “What am I supposed to do?”  I’m still stuck as usual but banishing the thought is only a temporary solution.  It is bound to return.

Here I am, all alone in a 1400 square foot house in suburbia with a two car garage and a dead end job with no motivation.  The status quo is in perfect equilibrium which makes change so difficult.  As in Newton’s First law: An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force.  I am an object at rest but there is no external force.

There is an internal force of desire that is equal and opposite to another internal force of fear of change.  They cancel each other out.

Enough analogy.   I’m trapped in my life.

I need to make a major change and kick my ass into action.  I need to quit my job,  sell my shit and move.    My big problem here is that I don’t know where to go.  How does one find a new place to live while one still has a job?  Any attempt to visit other places to evaluate their acceptability would be difficult due to time restraints.  Sure I could take a trip every few months but it could take a lifetime and a lot of money to do it this way.

The obvious solution is to assume you will be successful and quit, sell then strike out into the world.

That’s a big thing.  A VERY big thing.  People have done it before.  Why couldn’t I?  I have so much shit it could take months to get rid of it.  Perhaps I should make a list of keeps and sells.  That might make it easier.  I’ve already done level 1 and level 2 purges on crap so I don’t have a lot of useless junk.  It’s mostly useful in the long run but not applicable to the search time.  I guess I would have to store what I didn’t want to sell.

I could get a truck and camper to make the search less expensive.  Gas is quite expensive on a truck though but other people don’t seem to care.

An RV would be best.  Maybe I can get a used one cheap.  I might look into that.

It’s hard to get my head around the consequences of making such a big change.  How could it be a bad thing though?  Suck vs living.  I’m deep in suck right now.  I need to live before I die.  I’m in a rut so deep that when I look up I can only see a slit of light far above my head.

Man, this is difficult.  I wish I had someone to talk to about this.  Someone who might understand and be supportive.  Talking to yourself about this kind of thing is an exercise in futility due to the equal and opposite forces.

I need to calculate my finances and see just how possible it is to do this.  I’ll probably talk myself out of it but I”m trying to keep an open mind.