Sliding Dowhill

Lately I feel like I’m sliding downhill.  My back hurts so I can’t do anything too strenuous.  My thumbs hurt so I can’t use the computer much or work on projects.  I’m continuously tired. It’s too hot to go outside.  All I can do is suffer through work then lie on the couch all evening.  It hurts my thumbs to use the remote control. 

I need to make an appointment with my doctor.  The thumb thing is getting serious.  I’ve had it for a year now but sudenly it has gotten extreme.  I hope it isn’t permanent.  I enjoy using my thumbs.  They come in handy quite often.

I feel like I need to get some excercise but I just don’t have the energy.  They say excercising gives you energy. I’m stuck in an infinite loop.  I don’t have time for infinite loops.

Anyone care?  No?



My best friend is feeling better.

Hooray! After buying a new bulb for my awesome 60 inch rear projection Sony Grand Wega 60XBR800 High Definition LCD TV it seems to be feeling much better.  I’ve had to replace the bulb once before when it just burned out but this time it was going on and off.  I was worried it might have been a bulb power supply problem but searching the internet turned up other people who have experience the problem.  I found the bulb for a great price at so I ordered it.  I had to live about a week with a temporary low resolution TV but now everything is back to normal.

A new bulb in a rear projection TV brings a set back to original performance levels. (Bulbs get dim over time.)   This TV is probably about 7 years old and is only 720p but still, it’s awesome!  I loves it!  I hope it lasts another 7 years.  It costed me $5000 back then but it was worth every penny.  So many hours of entertainment and happiness.

Rear projection TVs are getting harder to find since LCD and Plasma have gotten larger and cheaper.  Eventually I’ll need a new one but hopefully by that time I can get a 100 inch TV for $2000 or less.

It’s so nice to have my best friend back.


Lonely Man Dinners – Spaghetti!

A great Lonely man dinner is Spaghetti.  It’s easy to fix from stuff that lasts a long time in storage.

Start with a large pot of boiling water.  Dump in some spagehetti.  The amount depends on how hungry you are.  A little makes a lot so don’t overdo it unless you want to save some for later.

Boil for 11 minutes.  Set the timer on the microwave.  At about 5 minutes put some bread in the toaster.  Toast.

Using a small pot warm up some Ragu sauce.  Ragu is the best for lonely guys.

When the toast is ready spread on a little buter then dust with garlic salt.  Cut diagonally.

When the timer goes off dump the spaghetti into a colender or something to strain out the water.  Get as much out as you can.  You don’t want soggy spaghetti.  All that hot water is good to pour down the drain.  It will melt the grease down there and keep your pipes clean.

I didn’t include meatballs here because lonely guys do not have hamburger meat or the energy to make meatballs.  You can get a bag of frozen meatballs and keep it in the freezer if you like.  Nuke about 4 to 5 meatballs in the microwave for about a minute.

If you made extra spaghetti for later, add some butter and mix it up.  This will keep it from becoming a stuck together mass in the fridge.

Put the spaghetti on the plate.  Meatballs on top if you have them.  Pour on the sauce.  Drop on the garlic toast.  Sprinkle on some parmesean cheese and enjoy.

Building a TARDIS – Part 6

Go to Part 1 if you missed it.


The two doors are made the same was as the sides.  Just cut it in two then apply the verticals and horizontals.  They are a little easier to work on since you can lay them on a workbench or sawhorses.  For the center verticals, cut them down to 2 1/2 inch width so they won’t look way to fat when closed together.

Make sure they fit together good enough.  Remove and replace the temporary brace across the top front until the space between the doors are even top to bottom.



Place a spacer undeneath the door to give you vertical space between the door bottom and the base frame.  You don’t want it to rub.





Install two three inch hinges on each door.  Decide whether you want the door to open in like a real police box or open out.  I chose to have them open OUT because if you store a bunch of stuff inside you won’t be able to open the door inward.

If this is just a toy or a prop you can have them open inward by placing the hinges on the inside.  Be sure the bottom is lifted enough to clear the floor plywood and leave space for tile or whatever floor covering you want to use.



Here are the doors installed and ready to go.

Make sure they swing freely and line up nicely with each other.

That wasn’t so hard was it?






The Sign Box

Now we’re ready to build the sign box.  My previous prototype did not have a lighted sign.  The classic TARDIS didn’t.  The new TARDIS does so I’m going to go with that.

Measure across the top above the walls and doors.  Take a 1×4 whitewood board and cut a notch so it will fit inside the opening and extend about two inches past the corner posts. The width of the part that sticks out should be 1 1/2 inches because I’m going to use pre-cut 1/2 inch whitewood pieces for the sides.  Make two of these.  One for the top of the box and one for the bottom.  They should be about the same size but measure and cut each one separately just so you will get a nice tight fit.

Fit the bottom into place and measure and cut a 6 inch vertical piece out of the 1 1/2 inch stock.  Cut the ends at 45 degree angles.

You will also need to cut the larger piece at 45 degrees so they will fit togehter.



Here you can see how it goes together.  You could probably do a square fit if you wanted to but it would not look as finished.  It’s up to you depending on your abilities and the availability of a chop saw that cuts at 45 degrees.

Dry fit everything to make sure it lines up nicely.



On the table saw, cut a slot in all the pieces.  This slot is where we will place the glass Police Box sign.

This is going to be really cool.





Glue and nail the sides to the bottom of the sign box.  Use the top for alignment but don’t glue it on yet.  We have to be able to slide the glass in from the top when we get to that point.





Now would be a good time to take some wood filler and fill in the knot holes and cracks in the plywood.  Do this on both the outside and inside if you are going to finish it off as well.

Allow it to dry completely then sand it smooth.

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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New York legalizes same sex marriage

Last Friday, New York became the sixth state to legalize same sex marriage.  Though I am not necessarily gay myself I think this is a good thing for humanity.

For thousands of years mankind has been shackled by prehistoric thinking that people can only be happy when coupled with a person of the opposite sex.  Anything else is wrong or “immoral”.

The basis of this thinkig is the bible which is obviously written and edited by man.  If there ever was any real deiological value it was lost a long time ago.

Morality is also subjective.  What is immoral to one person may be pure happiness to another.  Morality is also subject to change over time as generations pass.  You can’t dictate happiness or morality.

Overall, I see no problem with same sex marriage.  Other than being “different” I don’t see how it adversely affects anything.  Sure, they can’t have biological offspring but we have enough of that already.  Besides, science will find a way.   Cloning, which is also “immoral” will soon be common.  I would SO love to have a clone child of myself with a rat tail.

Hooray for evolution of thought!  Open your mind and the world will become more wonderful than you can possibly imagine.


Dreamblog – Undergound Mansion

I may have been Harry Potter looking for a place to live.  A real estate agent was showing me a seriously ancient wooden mansion that was built completely underground.

Everythig was made out of a dark colored wood that looked hundreds of years old.  The rooms went on and on like a cave.  In one room there was a small oval track upon which ran a roller coaster like ride.  I was told it was a practice room.  I wasn’t sure what you would practice for here.

Next there was a bar room.  Moe from the simpsons was on the tour with us and he said that this was going to be his room.  We checked out the bar.  There was a secret passage below it.  This mansions was so huge that the servants lived there as well and you would never see them except where they worked.

There was a guy there kind of like Mad Eye Moody who had a bat wing/kite structure on his back and could fly.  I found that I had one too.  It kind of had a spring like spine which you used to control your flight.  I asked him about it and he took me to the next room which had no immediate floor and was open down a number of flights.  He said this was the flight room and jumped into the air and flew down to the bottom.  I wasn’t ready for that so I climbed down and told him we should start with some basic moves.  He showed me how to control the spring spine with my foot and I was able to run and jump into the air and glide for a short distance.  This of course was way awesome.

It was time to move on and see the rest of the house.

I woke up.  Pbbbbt.  I wish I was in a coma and could live there permanently.

Quick Movie Review – The Day After

The Day After is a post nuclear war scenario move made in 1983 during the Cold War with Russia.  It depicts life before, during and after a nuclear missile attack in Kansas City and the surrounding area chosen because it was the home of the majority of the United States’ nuclear arsenal.

This move is very powerful and realistic.  It was meant to be that way in hopes of deterring both sides from following through with a nuclear attack.  It is possibly the best movie made on this subject.  This move is on my highly recommended list. Get it here right now.