Halloween Loneliness

Here’s another Halloween night marking the beginning of the “Holiday Season”.  I’ll do my usual thing:  Turn off the lights, watch Charlie Brown and eat some candy.  Maybe watch a scary movie.

I remember the old days where my friends and I used to trick-or-treat until we collapsed on the lawn.  Life was much better back then.  Go out and have some fun for me.  I give you my blessing.


1000th Post!

It’s my One Thousandth Post!   How about that?  I’ve been blogging my life to you since April 2007.  That’s a lot of typing.  I’ve learned a lot about myself during this time and now I have a record that I can refer to when I forget.

Even though I don’t get much if any response it is not about that.  It’s all about me.  It bothers me that nobody hardly ever comments even when I try my best to be controversial in order to drum up some interest.  It just proves my theory that I am the only live being on this planet.

Corpse Light prototype finished

Just in time for Halloween.  I finished my prototype Corpse Light that I spoke of a while ago.  This unit waits 24 hours and starts beeping to remind you to press the reset button.  This indicates that you are still alive.  If it is not reset within another 24 hours it turns on a flashing light outside your house to indicate to your neighbors that you are dead.

I used an Arduino Duemilanove board that I bought a while back.  I wanted it because I thought I would be able to do great things with it.  Other than playing with it I never really did anything great.

The circuit is as easy as connecting a small beeper between pins 12 and ground.  Then a button between pin 2 and 5v with a 10K resistor between pin2 and ground.  I’m using the built in LED on pin 13 in place of the outside flasher for now.  I would use a small relay to control it.

Here’s the code:  (Don’t laugh. It’s my first time and it works!)

int h;
int m;
int s;
int buttonState;

void setup() {
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);  // LED
pinMode(12, OUTPUT); // beeper
pinMode(2, INPUT); // button

void loop() {

s=s+1;  // increment second

if (s >60) { m=m+1; s=0; }  // increment minute
if (m > 60) {h=h+1; m=0;}  // increment hour

buttonState = digitalRead(2);   // read button state
if (buttonState == HIGH)  h = 0;  // if button pressed reset hour

if (h >= 24)  digitalWrite(12, HIGH); //set beeper on
if (h < 24)  digitalWrite(12, LOW); //set beeper off

if (h >= 48)  digitalWrite(13, HIGH); //I’m dead. Set flasher on
if (h < 48)  digitalWrite(13, LOW); //I’m still alive. Set flasher off


So there you have it.  Now you no longer have to worry about your dead body lying on the floor for weeks before anyone notices.

Allen Gregory – Going to need more convincing

As a connoiseur of adult themed cartoons I was looking forward to seeing Allen Gregory.  The new animated series is interesting but did not suck me in with the first episode.  I’ll give it more time though.  I wasn’t enamored with the Cleveland Show at first either.

Not to say that I won’t watch it if I don’t like it.  Sandwiched between the rest of the Animation Domination toons I have no choice.  I’ll probably like it eventually.

Quick Movie Review – The Skeptic

The Skeptic is a pretty good movie about a guy who, after his aunt dies, moves into her house to keep an eye on it until he can sell it.   He starts seeing what he denies to be ghosts.  With the help of a priest, a psychiatrist and a psychic he slowly turns up clues to a horrible repressed memory from his childhood.

I love psychiatric based movies.  It makes me think back over my life and wonder if I have any repressed memories.  There are memories I would like to repress but have not been entirely successful.  I must conclude that I don’t have any.  I guess that’s good.  It might be nice to turn one up that explains why I am the way I am.

Thumbs up on this movie. Get a copy here.

Dreamblog – The Gas Leak: A Semi-lucid Dream

I was lying in bed when I was “awoken” by my young cousins jumping into bed.  I got up and they were gone.  I wandered downstairs where I heard a hissing sound coming from the garage.  I assumed that my compressor was leaking but when I opened the door the garage was empty. Someone had broken in and stolen EVERYTHING.  Even the gas pipes on the wall were gone.  The inlet pipe was belching gas into the garage and I was desperate to turn it off.  All my tools had been stolen so I climbed a ladder up to the roof in my underwear and ran across it to jump to my neighbor’s house.

I was starting to notice little inconsistencies in my surroundings and was beginning to convince myself that I might be dreaming.  Wondering why I was on the roof I climbed down and went to my neighbor’s house to borrow a wrench.  I suddenly had a wrench and when I got to the gas shut off valve it was a pushbutton so I didn’t even need it.   I was convinced that I was dreaming and took my underwear off.  Why waste a lucid dream not being naked.

The neighbor came outside and told me that he caught a bunch of stick-heads hanging out in my garage.  I didn’t know what a stick-head was but from context it sounded like druggies.  I woke up for real.  Still my dreams don’t last long enough to really experience.  I wonder if there are drugs or techniques for that.

Today was Saturday and I had woken up earler to go to the bathroom.  On the way back to bed I grabbed some earplugs to drown out the San Antonio Roar so I could sleep longer.  It was nice and cold so being in bed was much more enjoyable and dreaming was easy.  Can I get a grant to do dream analysis on myself?  Anyone?  I could really get into that.


Dreamblog – Naked Volleyball and Branches from the Sky

I was wandering around in the backyard of my childhood home when I noticed a group of neighbors playing volleyball in the alley.  There were both men and women.  Two of the men were naked and the rest were fully clothed.  I secretly watched for a while as I fought with myself about whether I could go ask to join in.  I wanted to rip my clothes off and play volleyball.

I looked up into the sky just in time to see a huge tree branch falling out of the blue.  It was really big and appeared to fall slowly.  It crashed through a neighbor’s tree and landed further down the alley.  I was torn between going to look at it and go inside and tell my mom about it.

I woke up and thought about it a little.  What could hurl a huge branch into the sky?  Only a distant nuclear explosion or a clear sky tornado?  Why do I always wake up when things get interesting?