Why do pickup truck drivers back into their parking spot?

Have you noticed that a larger number of pickup trucks are parked by backing into the slot?  There seems to be an obviously higher number of trucks parked that way than cars.  I have a bit of a problem understanding this technique.

Even more so with a large vehicle, it is MORE difficult to back into a small space than to back out into a larger one.  Not only is it more difficult but it takes longer to maneuver it in.  I the meantime they are holding up traffic.  Yes, it is easier to drive forwards out later but why make such a big production of backing in when you arrive to make it slightly easier later?  The numbers just don’t add up.

I watch (and listen to) my neighbor, who owns a large moving van come home every night.  The engine guns and idles.  Guns and idles.  Guns and idles as he spends 15 minutes backing that biggass truck into his tiny driveway next to his wife’s car.  His huge engine rattles my house and my nerves.  If he just drives in forward he can be done with it and easily back out the next morning in to the huge empty street.

My neighbor across the street has a pickup truck.  He backs in slowly and carefully into the garage every time he arrives home.  He probably used as much gas backing in as he did driving from wherever he came from.

The only time I’ve ever backed into my driveway is when I am unloading lumber.

Would someone care to explain to me what the rednecks are thinking when they do this?  I really just don’t understand.