Lying gets you everywhere

As young children we are taught that lying is bad.  Immoral.  It isn’t long before we learn that lying isn’t so bad.  Eventually you learn that lying is a great way to succeed.

I’ve noticed over the years, as a truthful person, that nice guys finish last.  It’s the bad guy who gets the spoils.  Lying is fun and a great way to get anything.

The new granite tile kitchen countertop that I built last year is already etched with spots where acidic liquids came in contact with it.  Searching the internet I found a website that sells polishing powder to professional countertop installers.  I’m not a professional though I kick ass.  They sell one pound samples for $15.00 to professionals ONLY.  I didn’t think twice as I filled in the order form giving myself a made up business name.  Easy as cake.

I think I might take up lying as a hobby.  I’ll do it for the luls.