A Cholesterol Free Turkey Sandwich

Always on the search for low cholesterol foods I found a great combination for a sandwich.  Located in the veggie department at the grocery store I found Tofurky and Veggie Slices.  Tofurky is turkey flavored “meat” made from tofu which is soy bean curd.

Don’t say, “Ugh!” yet.  That’s the ignorant side of you speaking.  Tofu is a victim of rumor and bad marketing.  It’s a healthy protein that really has no flavor of its own.  It takes on the flavor of whatever is added to it.  In this case, it tastes like turkey but without the fat and cholesterol.  Of course turkey is already low in fat and cholesterol but less is better here.  You can also get it in other flavors like ham and pepperoni.  If you’ve ever had chinese soup, you’ve eaten tofu.  It’s good.  Really!

Next we have the veggie slices.  It looks, feels and tastes just like cheese and comes in other flavors like cheddar, swiss, etc..  All the goodness of cheese without the cholesterol.  Take it from me, this is a great substitute.

Put these on some whole wheat bread with some lettuce or better yet spinach.  Mustard is a great no-cholesterol low-calorie dressing.  Skip the mayo.  It’s bad for you and should never be on a sandwich in the first place.  Trust me.

There you have it.  A healthy, filling sandwich.  The Tofurky and Veggie Slices might cost a little more than the bad stuff but aren’t you worth it?  You can thank me now.

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