2012 Fireworks

I didn’t plan on it but as I went out to lunch today I remembered that tonight is New Years.  I figured, why not go get some fireworks.  For the last few years on the 4th and New Years I’ve been popping a few old fireworks from my stash.  Usually some Jumping Jacks and plain firecrackers.  That’s all that’s left.

This year, since I’m feeling pretty good psychologically, I decided to get a few and have a little fun.  I didn’t get a lot.  About $25 worth.  Enough to experience the awesomeness of fireworks.  The smell takes me back to my childhood days when my pyromaniac friend and I shot fireworks ’till we dropped.  Oh, the memories…  I was happy back then.  I had friends and family.  It was the best.

Fireworks are illegal in the city limits but shooting fireworks is like breathing air.  You HAVE to do it or the holiday is pointless.


A Sign of the Times

Our neighborhood is having our annual large item pickup.  That means everyone puts out their junk that won’t fit in the trash can.

This year I’ve noticed an incredible number of old tube-style televisions sitting out by the curb.  I think the masses have finally gone out and purchased new HDTVs.

I’ll bet these old TVs are still in working order but nobody even wants to pick them up.  They are completely worthless.

DIY drawer organizers

I finally got around to taking care of something that has been on my ToDo list for at least a year.  After remodeling my kitchen with new cabinets I used the old cheap plastic utensil drawer for my silverware.  It was ugly.  I had been wanting to build custom drawer organizers but put it off because I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.

Finally I just went to Home Depot and bought some lattice wood.  It’s cheap at 39 cents a foot and matches the inside of my drawers.

Using the silverware to help design the layout I just cut the lattice to length and glued it together.  It was incredibly simple and only took me about an hour to do three drawers.  The total cost was about $10.00 and it looks custom awesome.  Damn I’m good.  Sometimes I just need to kick myself in the ass to get something done and then I find out it was too easy.


New Year 2012

Round and round it goes.  Another year is finished and now I get to do it all over again.  New Years day is one of my least favorite days.  The thought of repeating my annual routine makes me want to puke.

I am in the rut to end all ruts.  I sure hope 2012 is as exciting as they are predicting.  2011 was definitely interesting so 2012 should be riveting.

It’s the last year you know.  Get your affairs in order now before it’s too late.  Bring on the destruction.  I’m so ready for it to end.  Put us out of our misery please thank you.

I’ll take an asteroid strike, electromagnetic pulse, nuclear war, virus outbreak, terrorism, volcano, dead economy, anything, please.  And do be quick about it.  The world needs to end before summer starts.  Oh, I can’t take another broiling, dry, Texas summer.  It alone will kill me.


LED bulbs fade with time

I just learned a disturbing fact about LED bulbs.  I was very excited about the new low power technology so I bought two bulbs for my house.  One on a timer for the front porch and one for the side of the house that I’ve just left on 24 hours a day because I don’t have a timer on it.  It only uses 4 watts. What the heck. I’ll splurge.

It has been at least 6 months and the results are in.  The bulb left on 24 hours a day is now quite dim to the point where it is almost unusable.   The one on the timer is still OK since it gets less than half the usage.

I looked it up on the internet and was disturbed to see that it is pretty much the way LED bulbs work.  They get dimmer and fade away.   6 months is not a very good lifetime either.  Especially when the bulb costs more than $20.00.  I’m not going to do the math but it’s easy to see that they are just not worth it yet.  Before they are truly viable the fading problem needs to be fixed or at least extended to 5 years.

I think I am going to go back to Compact Fluorescent for at least a few more years until the technology improves.  I wasted my money so you didn’t have to.

Now I can’t say that ALL LED bulbs last such a short time.  I only have two brands to compare.  This was by no means a scientific study but perhaps one should be done.  You have to keep these people honest.


Sewing my underwear

Normally I would not bother fixing underwear but these are special.

A few years ago I bought some men’s bikini underwear at Target.  It was the first underwear I’ve ever owned the fit properly.  It wasn’t all baggy and non-supportive.  I bought two sets which totals about 10 pair.  (Not really a pair.  Just one.)  I went back the next year and almost all the Merona brand clothing was gone.  For two years I’ve gone back looking for them and scouring the internet.  Search for Merona on google and you end up at Target.  They don’t even have them on the website. No luck.  I’ve been very careful with them to make them last as long as possible.  Now they are starting to get holes.

What kind of fuck is this?  How can you make the first awesome underwear in the world and then have it disappear from the face of the planet?   For some reason it is difficult to find bikini underwear in ANY brand.  It’s all boxers.  Who wants that?  Might as well just wrap a towel around you.  Am I the only person on Earth who knows what is good?

I hate this planet.