Memory – My Sister

My sister is 15 years older than I am so she was born in 1953 and grew up in the Sixties.   By the time I became self-aware she was away in college.  I don’t remember her ever living at home with us.  I can recall her leaving to go to college.  I asked her where she was going.  She told me SAC. (San Antonio College)  She carried her books in a big bag so I figured that was the sack she was talking about.

Next she moved to Austin to go to U.T.   After graduating she stayed in Austin.  Over the years she would occasionally come visit.  I remember being so excited that she was coming home for a weekend or a day.  I remember calling her and hanging up just so the phone would wake her up and get her to come sooner.  (We didn’t have caller ID or *69 back then)  Sometime we would go visit her and her husband in Austin.  Overall we spent VERY little time together.

After getting divorced, she moved to Seguin which is a small town closer to San Antonio.  About 44 miles away as the car drives.  She works in the hospital lab where she prefers to work nights and weekends.  This makes getting together extremely difficult.

After 44 years of my conscious life, I know very little about my sister.   Eventually I came to the point where I called her my “long-lost sister”.  The excitement of seeing this stranger became much less and I grew to not even miss her anymore.   She became a relative who I see occasionally on a birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas.   I am very uncomfortable to be alone with her just like with my brother.  Ultimately, I have little love or care for her.  How does one love someone you never see?  It’s such a shame and a major loss for both of us because we have much in common and I’m sure we could have been good friends.