Dreamblog – Pipe Dreams

I was driving to work but I was in a different part of town.  I came up to a highway intersection but the roads turned into pipes.  I didn’t know which one to take to get on the highway in the right direction.  I chose poorly and ended up coming out of a pipe down underneath the pipe-spaghetti.

There was an information desk there so I got in line. (I don’t know where my car went.)  President Obama was there and he asked if there was an easy way out for him.  They told him no and he started to walk away.  I said, “Awwww!”  He turned around smiling and said, “Awww!”  At least he didn’t try to kick my ass again.

Sandra Oh from Gray’s Anatomy was in front of me.  She said she needed new ball joints and needed someone to meet her at the airport.

It was my turn at the desk but I couldn’t remember what was wrong with my car.  Was it a flat?  Was it ball joints?  I had no idea.   I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked behind me.  Some young asian men asked me if I wanted to smoke with them.  I told them I would love to but had to get to work.  Worrying that they might try to pick my pocket, I put my hand in my back pocket to protect my wallet.  One of them was already removing it from my pocket.  I kept a tight grip on it and kept turning it in his hands trying to get it away from him but he had was holding on tightly and looking through it as I kept trying to wrench it away.

I woke up.  That sucked.