Fix your acne for free

Are you having trouble with Acne?  Pimples on your face and body?  Don’t fall for the expensive pharmaceutical fix.  The answer is right under your kitchen sink.

Scotch-Brite sponges are cheap and effective in bringing back your smooth complexion.  I’m serious.  You may be thinking this sounds crazy but it’s not.  Not long ago I was getting my hair cut and the girl asked me what I use on my face.  She caught me by surprise and I was like, “Nothing.”.  She said I must have naturally smooth skin.  Had I been prepared I would have told her my secret.

Get yourself a clean sponge/pad and use plain old soap.  Yes, Plain soap like Coast.  None of that oily soft-skin stuff. Oil is your enemy.  Dry skin is healthy skin.  Don’t fall for the moisturizer thing either.  You’re being played by the big pharmaceutical companies.

Rub the soap on the pad.  Lather your face as well.  GENTLY at first scrub your skin. Exfoliate.  It will hurt a bit at first so take it easy.  After using the pad a few times it will not be so sharp. That’s all there is to it.  You want to remove oil and dead skin.  Your pores will be clean and healthy.

Don’t use moisturizer afterwards either.  If you face feels dry and tight, that’s good.

You have to at least try this before you say no.  I promise you will thank me.