Reading outside during work

I was bored at work again.  Absolutely nothing to do.  It was a nice day so I took my e-book reader outside after lunch and sat under a tree from 12:30 to 4:00.  I got a lot of reading done but this book is incredibly long.

I’ve done it before but few people even noticed.  Today I got lucky and the boss walked by and saw me there.  I was disappointed that he didn’t seem upset.  He made some weird non-related unintelligible comments. Something about chlorine.  I almost never know what he is talking about.  I was hoping he would be angry at me.  Trouble is a form of attention!  He didn’t appear angry but maybe it will turn up later.   I’ll wait and see.  I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow if the weather is nice.

My reading tree is right outside the on-campus clinic.  The nurses there know me.  I used to be in charge of their computers.  An employee I didn’t know came out of the clinic and told me that the nurses want a job like mine.  Cool!  It’s nice to be noticed.  Maybe somebody there will spread the word around that I am doing nothing.

Why am I doing this?  Boredom is really hard on a guy who can do anything.  I’ve tried doing some great projects on my own but they often end up like pearls cast before swine.  I just gave up and now I’m just bored.  I am hoping someone will either give me something exciting to do or fire me.  Either one will be satisfactory.  Otherwise I’m going to see just how far I can push this.

The next step might be to sit at a table outside the director’s building for a few days.  It’s right across a grassy area from another division’s director’s office and a lot of people who might notice.  I’ll bet nothing happens.  It’s a great experiment in being bored and interesting at the same time.  I should set up a hammok. The weather is starting to get hot so I won’t be able to be outside much longer.