Dreamblog – Lost in Church

I was visiting a relatives house on a Sunday and they decided we had to go to church.  My mom and I followed them there in my Ferrari.  I had no idea where I was.  She and I sat in a near the front row with some large women.  It was a tight fit.

My community band was set up in the front area.   They were there to play during the ceremony.  I wondered why I didn’t know about this.  I decided not to let them know I was here so I stayed in my seat.

Church started when my mom got up and went to the front of the building and started making announcements and introducing people.  I had no idea what was going on or why she was involved.  I noticed that one of my shoes were missing.  I looked around to find it but it had fallen down a deep opening under the pew.  It was lost forever.

As my mom was up, another old lady sat down in her seat.  A few minutes later she got up and moved to another seat.  I moved over to have more space.  Suddenly my pants felt wet.  I stood up and looked at the seat.  The old lady had peed on the seat and I sat in it.  Ewwww!  It was all over my iPod so I got up to go find a restroom to rinse it off.

I thought I had been there before and knew where the restroom was so I went upstairs and around to an ofice area but there was a vault where I thought the restroom was.  I went back downstairs where there was a large cafeteria full of people.  Suddenly I had a tray of finished food.  So I was wet, had a gross iPod and a tray of food.

I wandered around the cafeteria looking for the place to dump my tray so I could go find a restroom.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I ended up back in the serving line so I climbed over the inlet turnstile to get out.  The cafeteria lady thought I was stealing food so I showed her the used plates on the tray containing only a half eaten brownie.  She still wouldn’t belive me.  I was fed up with this and just dumped it, tray and all, into a nearby trashcan.

I set off again to find the restroom.  My mom found me and told me I was expected in the church.  They were honoring me for signing a $380,000 check.  I didn’t care and told her to take a picture as I walked away looking for the restroom.

I searched all around.  Nobody would help me. I was dry by then and just gave up.  I was too embarrassed to go back into the church area so I decided to just go sit in the Ferrari until it was over.

I started the engine.  It seemed to be running too fast to be idling and when I looked up I was driving.  The street turned into a dirt road getting smaller as I went.  I wasn’t even sure I would be able to stay on them at high-speed.  At a sharp bend, another car was coming the other way and he ditched it so as not to hit me.  I kept on going unable to stop.

Passing multiple dirt intersections thinking if I go straight I would not get as lost I ended up at a dead-end in a little gypsy camp with a bonfire going.  After putting out the fire in my hair I was able to turn around and try to drive out.  As I drove straight the road became impassable.  I pulled out my GPS and tried to attach it to the dashboard without success.  I had to hold it in my hand.  There was someone else in the car now.  I don’t know who it was.

The GPS showed my position with a triangle but no roads.  It also indicated three airplanes that were dropping bombs on me.  I turned around and tried randomly to find my way out as the planes dropped bombs around me.

I woke up glad to put and end to that.