Future Vision Again

My powers of seeing the future have surfaced again.  Last week I was degreasing the engine and cleaning my beloved Yardbug mower when I looked at the starting solenoid and thought, “I wonder when that will stop working.”

Today I went out to mow the lawn and when I turned the key, not even a click.  I first thought it was the battery again but I had just replaced it.  Using my multimeter I traced the problem to, guess what, the starter solenoid!  Is that freaky or what?

I took the unit out and knowing that it had moving parts inside, rapped it sharply on the cement floor of the patio.  I put it back in and it started working.  YAY!

I must be some kind of mechanical fortune-teller.   This kind of think has happened so many times to me over the years.  I wonder if I am seeing the future or causing the failure by thinking about it.  That’s the big question.  If the latter is the case, I need to stop thinking about things.  Once again I’ve proven that Thinking Is Bad.