Quick Movie Review – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Here is another great movie to add to the consummate “Lost Father” list.

A nine-year-old boy with symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome finds a key in his father’s closet who had just died in the World Trade center on September 11th, 2001.  He sets off on a journey to find the lock that the key fits in hoping it would be a message from his father.

Even though this movie is incredibly sad, I had a hard time feeling sorry for this boy.  I was nine myself when I lost my father after a single heart attack.  It has always bothered me that nobody cares when your father dies.  I’ve thought about it for so many years.  It means so much to ourselves but nothing to others.

One of the lessons learned from this movie is that we ALL lose our fathers.  Perhaps that is why we have become so callous to the inevitable event.  They kept mentioning that it didn’t make any sense that he died.  I thought it made perfect sense.  When you are in a building that is hit by a plane and falls down, you die.  Shows my callousness.

I liked the old man who didn’t speak.  I sometimes go days without saying a word.