Quick Movie Review – Titan A.E.

I love Don Bluth movies and Titan A.E. is one of my favorites.

I first got hooked on Don Bluth with my mostest favoritest movie, “The Secret of NIMH”  Titan A.E. is a space story in which a boy searches to find the Titan, a ship that can restore the human race.  I totally love the animation quality and the characters.  Even the soundtrack has some great songs.

One of the best parts of this movie is that the Earth is destroyed.  I’ve been wishing for that to happen for years.  Like the main character, Cale, I too feel like I’m the only one of my species left in the universe.

My favorite scene is the flight through the nebula with the wake angels.  Soo cool.

Don Bluth has been retired for like the last ten years but I hear he is forming a new film company.  I hope we can expect awesome new movies to come out of it!  Hooray!