Population count if World War 2 never happened

While thinking about our little overpopulation problem, I started wondering about the difference that World War II made in the numbers.  I decided to do a little research.

Back in 1940, the world’s population was 2.2 Billion.  During the war the total loss of life is estimated to be about 48 million.  If those 48 million people had not died and had children who had children etc…, I calculated using ratios that the world would have 152 Million more people than we currently do.   In 2012, the total world population is over 7 billion.

Considering that in comparison with 7 Billion,  152 Million is not that much unless you are trying to drive to or from work.  It’s nice to know that there are 152 Million fewer people in your way than there could have been had WWII not happened.