Texas Drought starting up again in 2012

Well,  It’s not looking good for Texas again this year.  We’ve had a fair bit of rain over the winter but as the nice happy warm sun goes to the other side of the earth and is replaced by the evil relentless orb of death, the rain is burned away before it has a chance.   It is mid-April and we have already reached Stage 1 water restrictions due to the dropping level of our precious aquifer.  I’ve already had to start watering the grass to keep it from shriveling up.  If you belive in a god, pray for Texas.

You know.  If I didn’t have a lawn that I’ve spent so many years working on and so much water I probably wouldn’t care much about the drought.  The heat, yes.  The drought, no.  My lawn must not die like all my neighbors’ cracked dirt yards.  I forbid it.  I do not live in a desert.  Sometimes denial is all we have.