Bring Back Boy’s Short Shorts

I wore short shorts…and I still do.   As a child of the 80s it was the style.  It was normal.  It was NOT gay.

Short shorts were the uniform of the summer for everyone.  We were all cool and comfortable out riding our bicycles and skateboarding our time away.  Check your old photos.  I know you had some.

Kids these days have no idea.  So when did it change?  It was in the early ’90s when Michael Jordan actually started the long shorts fad by being the first to wear “longs” to cover up his lucky North Carolina shorts.  The style caught on for some reason now short shorts are dead.

The funny thing about this whole situation is that as fads become ingrained in society, people start making up reasons why the older style is wrong.  Examples include:  Funny looking, Gay, Ugly, Gross.  None of these things are actually true.  They only look funny, gay, ugly, or gross because you are used to the current standard.  Men’s and boy’s legs are not gross by any means.  If anything, it’s the women’s clumpy cellulite legs that are ugly.

Fads change over time.  Even though this has been a very long fad I have hope that it will eventually end.  You already see middle-aged men who, like me, refuse to wear longs.  Even some younger boys are bucking the fad and experiencing comfort in the face of adversity.

Here, in Texas, where highs easily reach 100 degrees every day during the summer, wearing longs is very uncomfortable.  I don’t even own shorts that go past my knees because I might as well wear jeans.  I will NEVER give up short shorts.  One day they will once again just be “shorts”.

Contact your favorite stores and tell them that you want to be able to buy shorter shorts.  It’s all about supply and demand.  You have to tell them what you want.  Together we can make this world a better place.

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29 thoughts on “Bring Back Boy’s Short Shorts

  1. G.

    Check out Barbarian rugbywear on your search engine. JSZ & RUZ shorts have 2″ inseam. Have a pair or two delivered to your door!

  2. Peter

    I also wear them and always will. I think they shouldn’t be called short shorts, just shorts, the other style should be called puddle jumpers or something like that since they almost look like trousers that are just high enough to not get wet when jumping a puddle. People that call them gay are basing their opinions on sheer stupidity.

  3. Jim

    Completely agree, and also never stopped wearing them. It always amazes me, since they are about cooling, that people can’t see “less coverage = cooler”. Also, your comment on women was right on. In most species, the male displays, not the female. The next time I go to Wal-Mart and see Ms. Cellulite, I may vomit.

  4. Gary Pete

    glad to know i’m not the only one who feels that way – those ‘knee pants’ look ridiculous –
    short shorts are cool & comfortable – the only way to go, especially in California

  5. Sven

    Not only do I wear short shorts I also wear speedos or other bikini bathing suit on the beach.
    I am very slim and athletic , I just like how they look and feel on me.
    People look at me as if I was the Elephant man ,.
    Most people can’t wear short stuff like that, so they resent people that look really sexy and have the body for it.

  6. George

    I think it’s a shame, at best, that short shorts for boys & men have become taboo, outré. Frankly, I think this happened primarily due to the “queer fear” fostered by all the religious homophobic propaganda that’s been provoked since the 1980s and not just the changing fads of fashion. Alas, given the way things are now, it’s likely to be a while before it becomes generally acceptable for males to enjoying going in smart shorts again…

    1. Dick Long

      Yes, George, I totally agree with you!
      I am a 59yo male, and I have been analysing human sexuality since I was 12 (and questioning my own sexuality). Many of today’s sexual hang-ups come back to the church (it’s a long report). And, yes, the “queer fear” is so real.
      Also, I’m surprised that young guys today are wearing “saggers” (very baggy pants that shows partial ass, or all of their asses). This is the very same reason guys quit wearing “tight pants”, so guys wouldn’t check-out other guy’s asses in their tight pants.

  7. Michael

    I also wear “short” shorts, and the shorter the better! I have developed my own sense of style from it and really enjoy it. I wear hiking boots with my shorts, usually black ones. I remember wearing short shorts back in the day with a long T shirt so that the shorts were barely seen and thought nothing of it. I still do that. Styles that I embrace are similar to Axel Rose from the “Guns and Roses” tour of 1992, He wore really short shorts, white, or red white and blue. Shiny black leather boots with white socks and a leather jacket with no shirt. SO HOT! I wear that same look a lot. I also love the Peter Berlin look, which is similar but a bit more sexy. He wore short black leather shorts with a black leather jacket with no shirt. With that he wore black leather boots that were quite high. again-SO HOT!! I’m a 53 year old man that is in good shape still. I rowed crew (8’s) back in my youth and continued to row singles until I was about 42. I’ve rowed internationally and rowed in the ’96 Olympic Trials. I also train 4 days a week currently in an intense martial art, Aikido. So with all that I have great legs, 34″ inseam, and show them off proudly! Truth be told, I don’t call long shorts “shorts”. I call them birth control! I have been called “gay” for wearing short shorts and to that I respond “THANK YOU!!!” Can’t think of a higher compliment! Gays are the BEST people in the world!

  8. Dick S. Long

    We Figured That American Black Athletes Started The Long Shorts Epidemic.
    Studies Show That Their Is A High Percentage Of Black Males Who Are Gay In The General Afro-American Population In America (nothing wrong with not being str8), And Wearing Long Shorts Are Compensating For Not Being Straight (the theory is the less leg they show, the more that they must be straight). Human Sexuality Is Complex.
    We Think Guys Of All Ages Who Wear Long-Shorts Look Like Clowns From The Circus. Shorts Are Suppose To Be Short!
    Males Are Suppose To Be Bold, Brave And Show Their Bodies, While Females Are Suppose To Be Modest , Shy, And Introvert.
    Bring Back SHORT-SHORTS!!!

    1. Male human sexuality is a complex fickle thing. I’m a gay man and have supposedly straight male friends that are questioning their orientation. I had a man of whom I figured was straight and he even admitted it but he said I was down right hot in my short Adidas shorts. Men should relax and stop trying to be just one way or another. Whatever you feel today, go with it , or at least don’t feel threatened by it. I never thought that wearing short shorts was a “gay” thing. I still wear them short and because folks now think that they’re gay, I make a point to wear them as short as possible, usually a 1″ to 11/2″ inseam. Since the September 11th 2001 attacks, I’ve seen this country become so hetero sexist conservative. Not saying that there is a connection with the two. It’s just a benchmark.
      But with men buzzing their hair to the nub and wearing huge amounts of fabric, it’s as if men are afraid of their individuality or worse, their sexuality. So in the summer of 2014, I’ve been wearing short shorts and have never felt more masculine. Not because I’m wearing short shorts. But because I CAN an DO. And whatever people think- I don’t give a good god damn!

  9. Mark Edwards

    I wear those shorts mainly in in the summer months here in the south of the UK. I,m47 but they say I look about 10 years younger and on some occasions I get some admired like ‘nice shorts ‘ nice legs’ and they were also popular here in the 1970s ’80s and partly the 90s and seem to be some signs of reappearing now . summers here of course are not as hot as you get it in the USA can still be humid here average 65-72oF . I wear them at work , pleasure etc. other then evenings out.

  10. I grew up wearing short shorts and refuse to allow Michael Jordan to mandate what I wear. I am a martial artist with 10 years of training and am quite fit. My ” Kihon Dosa” or basic exercises have given me very explosively powerful legs and I’m complimented on them often when I’m in short shorts. I compliment my shorts with black tactical boots and thick socks scrunched down. I wear short satin Adidas shorts, Umbro, Diadora as well as short leather shorts bought at good leather shops in Chicago and San Francisco. My average inseam is 1 to 1 1/2 inches or shorter. If I look gay to some, wearing short shorts, that’s a great compliment to me because I’m a gay man and that is the real me. If I want to wear something longer, I’ll wear a black kilt. To me a man in a kilt looks regal and I will do that look for more formal occasions. I live in the state of Michigan and am writing this in late August 2014. As a gay man I prefer straight ‘shot and a beer” bars and will hang out at the local pub in my short shorts. I’m not looking to pick up anyone, but prefer the camaraderie of my neighbors of whom know me to be a gay man anyway I really don’t need to follow a fashion trend. I would rather start one. If it doesn’t happen, at least I had fun trying.

  11. john

    Yes I 100% totally agree I still wear shrt shorts love them feel its so sad people think if a male wears short shorts he is gay well I am married got four children one girl and three boys. My son’s have all worn short sorts and love them

  12. Eric

    I’ve been making the same argument for years, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I started seeing articles like this one. I had really to think that everyone else in the world had somehow forgotten how we all used to dress.

    I don’t know what has changed in the gestalt, but it seems like more and more guys of every age and sexuality (but mostly those of us who were kids or teens in the 70s and 80s) are finally throwing off the conventional wisdom that a guy’s thighs are too unsightly to be shown in public, and waking up to the fact that shorter, fitted, more tailored looking shorts are far more sensible and flattering that the long, loose, baggy, “grunge” shorts that became popular in the 1990s. Speaking for myself, I have relatively short legs for my height (5’11 with a 30″ leg), so “standard” short are at or below my knee, making me look short and frumpy. I’d prefer shorts that go to mid-thigh, or at least above the knee, but I haven’t been able to find them. (Any suggestions for where to buy shorter shorts would be most welcome. I’ll search for the Barbarian rugbywear that someone mentioned earlier.) I know some manufacturers are starting to make shorts with inseams as short as 5″–there’s one company (I’m drawing a blank on the name) whose niche is short shorts for guys (although they don’t call them “short shorts,” thankfully), but they cost as much as $60 a pair, which is unaffordable for may of us. I’m hoping that ordinary department stores like JC Penney’s and Sears will start picking up on the trend.

      1. Dick S. Long

        We agree with you.
        In the future, we think that guys will not wear any type of shorts in public, will not bare their chests at the beach, and will cover their hands with gloves while in public.
        Church people, who run all public schools, removed required nude showering in the public schools Locker Rooms as the Gay Agenda got more popular in the United States in the 1970’s.
        They felt that boys in junior high schools, and high schools, would “turn into homosexuals” at the hint the homosexuality in America is emerging as an accepted form of lifestyle.
        Wearing short-shorts now mistakenly has a gay connotation.
        We are going back to the old days of “sex is dirty”. (12/30/2014)

  13. GS

    Eric I think the tide really is starting to turn, but it does take time. I made the switch back to short shorts this past summer (2014) after 20-plus years of wearing knee-length (and longer). I was dubious when I read that short shorts were starting to come back a few years ago, but finally decided to take the plunge and bought four (4) pair of 4-inch (actually 3.5 inch) fitted shorts from Topman. I’m skinny and only 5’6″ and quickly found that the shorter style really is much better looking (and a heck of a lot cooler). When paired with a polo shirt, plimsolls and liner socks you can look really sharp and I got a lot of compliments from many of my women friends, which meant a lot in reassuring me that it really is the way to go now. I think the trend will be much more noticeable this next summer, since there are more brands offering the mid-thigh styles, and more guys of all ages are now starting to try it—either for the first time or like me once more.

    1. Dave

      I remember now that from the time of the 60’s, 70’s up to the early 90’s there was as style of shorts called “Bermuda” shorts. Most were no longer that about 4″ above the knee, and they were mostly kind of like short dress slacks. Lots of men wore them on the golf course and to other summer social functions.

  14. Dave

    ” Short” shorts were the ONLY kind of shorts any guy/ boy had in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s . During that time ONLY girls wore the long, ( bug not baggy) things all the purported macho men think are so “cool” ( not) today. Those girl pants from that era usually came down to just below the knee, and they were called “pedal-pushers”. No self respecting man or boy would EVER have given up his short “gym” shorts or cut-off jeans shorts for a pair of long girly pedal-pushers.

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