Memories – Model Train Set

My train set in the garage.

When I was a little boy, I had a model train set.  I’m sure my father bought it for me before he died.

I’ve always liked trains.  All guys like trains if they aren’t zombies.  I don’t think I quite got the idea when I was very young though.  I played with it many times but lost interest easily because it kept falling off the track all the time.  Now that I am older I realize that it is not a race car track.  The train wasn’t supposed to go that fast.

Now that I’m older and have money to buy a new train set, I don’t think I would do it.  I don’t really have the interest in model trains anymore.  I’ve moved on to REAL trains.  Ever since seeing a real live steam locomotive, a toy just doesn’t do it anymore.

My father had planned to build me a model steam engine.  He only got as far as putting two pieces of tubing together.  I still have those pieces.  I still have a desire to build a steam engine.  Not just a model either.  I want to build a real power generating system.  Even though I have the ability, I lack the stuff.   It’s not really something you should probably build in a backyard in suburbia anyway.  It’s not exactly practical either.  Maybe I’ll start with a model.  One day…