My Awesomeness is Difficult to Comprehend

This is a subject that I have difficulty comprehending myself.  When you are hidden amongst the 7 Billion other inhabitants of this plant, how do you express your awesomeness to the right people to advance yourself?  Now the majority of the population are mundane but there is much awesomeness out there.

Some people who are outgoing may be able to hit it big by showing their awesomeness.  Others, like me, are introverted but highly awesome.  I can do anything I put my mind to and sometimes have but it so often goes unnoticed by the right people.  Natural awesomeness is special and should be appreciated.  A small part of my awesome is appreciated but I have so much more to give under the surface.  I can be part of something big if someone will give me the opportunity.  As a natural-born engineer I could be great!  I should have completed my engineering studies but I feel it would have been wasted anyway.  If anyone wants someone who’s really special, I’ll work for free for a few months and you can decide whether I’m telling the truth or not.

This ramble is not quite what I wanted to say.  It is hard to put my thoughts on this subject into human words.  Maybe you get the idea.   I’ll try again another time.