Why do people like Lentil Soup?

Once upon a time I was standing in the soup section at the grocery store pondering the multitudes of soup cans.  An older man came up and said he was looking for Lentil Soup.  I was intrigued because I had never heard of a lentil before.  He found the can he was looking for and I asked him if it was good?  Kind of a stupid question, yes.  He said it was the BEST!  I went ahead and picked up one of the same cans he just walked away with.

I was excited when I got it home and opened it up right away.  It looked good.  I imagined a lentil was more of an onion but it seems to be a bean.  After warming it up and tasting it, I promptly threw it down the garbage disposal.

I looked up Lentil Soup on the internet and found all sorts of pages with recipes and testimonials about how good it is.  I’m not sure I understand what the story is here.  How can people like such a vile soup?