Why are there so many bad people on this planet?

You can’t help but wonder about why there are so many bad people in the world.  A little newborn baby is completely innocent.  It’s funny that you don’t even know that the little bundle of joy in your arms will grow up to be a mass murderer.

At what point in their lives to people turn bad?  I would think it would maybe in their early teens but I just saw a story on the news about a bunch of little boys torturing a turtle until it died.  These kids are going to be trouble in the future for sure.

Turning bad seems to be able to happen at any point after you reach the age of self-awareness which is probably about the age of 3 but think it takes a few more years to build up a sense of evil.  You notice intentional baddness in elementary school children.  Possibly around 2nd to 3rd grade where bullying begins.  Towards the end of elementary school the evil becomes a more conscious act and perhaps creates an unbreakable habit.

As the children grow and are allowed more freedom to spend time with others their age, they begin to clump together with other bad kids where evil blossoms exponentially.  Working parents who do not properly supervise their children contribute to their freedom to explore their mischievous tendencies.

By the time the child has reached the end of High School, the availability of drugs, alcohol, lack of supervision and freedom, he has reached the point of no return.  You can, at this point, select those children to be removed from society.  Standardized tests can be administered to determine which of them have potential for rehabilitation.  The rest can then be sent off for recycling while at the same time solving our shortage of donated organs issue.

Since nurture, or lack thereof, is the most likely cause of evil, multiple records of recycling in a single family can be grounds for sterilization and revocation of the offspring license to prevent future incidences.

In cases where parental apathy is recorded at an early age, the child can be transferred to a more caring family giving the child a better chance at passing the final exam.

Together we can make the world a better place for everyone.