Quick Book Review – 11/22/63

As an enthusiast of time travel, I was glad to find out about this book about a man who goes back in time to save John F. Kennedy from being assassinated.  There is much ado about the assassination and all the conspiracies involved but I don’t get it.  Perhaps because I was born years later I just don’t understand what the big deal is.  Maybe it is one of those, “You had to be there.” things.

Nevertheless, this Steven King book entitled 11/22/63 is a long but worthwhile read.  And by long, I mean LONG!  I read the e-book version so I don’t know how many real-life pages it is but considering that it took me at least four months to read I am picturing a phone book in my head. Yes, it was long but I was glad I persisted on this one.  The fact that it was time travel related as well as written by Steven King kept me going.

Jake Epping stumbles across a time portal in the pantry of a local diner.  After a little coercion by the diner’s owner he steps back into time to 1958.   In the years before the assassination he has the opportunity to save the lives of a few people and fall in love along the way.  This is where the story gets long but not unbearable.  Going back through the time portal to 2011 and returning to 1958 again appears to reset everything giving him the chance to get things right the next time around.

Eventually he makes it to November 22nd 1963 to save President Kennedy from Lee Harvey Oswald.  After returning to 2011 he finds the world completely different from when he last left it.  I won’t go into too much spoiler detail here except to say that lessons are learned and time travel is not as easy as you may originally think.

I’m glad I persisted through this book.  It was totally worth reading.  Get it here now from Amazon.com and slip me a few cents for the referral.

If I had the chance to go back in time to 1958, I would totally go.  I would not bother saving anyone but I would place bets(carefully) or win the lottery and live large.  If it meant finding someone who could love me I would never come back to the present.  The past, though less technologically advanced, was a better time anyway.  Technology doesn’t always make things better.