Needing some vacation again

I’m feeling the need to go on vacation but I have nowhere to go.

I need a vacation away from my house.  Lately I’ve just taken time off and sat around at home.  It’s better than work but it doesn’t give me the satisfaction.  I don’t want to go far because plane travel sucks so much these days.  I would be happy to find a resort near a lake.  My big problem now is finding time to fit in a few days away.  Appointments and time burglars keep filling up my weeks.  I want to do it BEFORE school lets out and the masses hit the roads and clog up the fun spots.

I have a scuba diving trip coming up in a few weeks with a friend but I’m not sure I can count that as vacation.  It feel like more of a chore.  I still want to go but I expect it will be unsatisfying and pointless.  I just don’t enjoy being with other people yet at the same time I am lonely.  What a mind fuck that is.

My dream vacation is probably a few days at a beach resort with clean white sand and clear blue water.  I want to spend the day playing volleyball in my speedos and not feel out of place.  No, I will not be happy on a beach without speedos.  What’s the point if you are going to wear long pants?  It really pisses me off that it is so out of style.  I guess I’m going to have to find a gay resort.  I don’t want to be gay but I don’t see any alternative.

Well, it’s either that or sit at home and watch TV while wishing for death.  That gets old after a while.  Isn’t there anyone else out there like me?